About Me

Hi my friend,
Introducing my name is Dedi, for more details you can click on the name of the Dedi, you will read a little about what kind of person I am. A human who is the only admin of dediin2.com, a human child who strives to be better for himself and his family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure. I will try to give you pleasure when you read on this website.

Talking about what is my specialty, I am confused when I have to answer that question, but I try to be someone who wants to learn to gain knowledge and knowledge. Talking a little about my decision to create a website that started with a YouTube channel that I have been managing for almost 2 years but has not been able to produce and the time needed is more and more, I find out opportunities about blogs with edit time that don't take so long. And after thinking and suggestions from the subcriber finally I decided to create a blog and focus first on the blog to give every visitor a smile when visiting this blog or website.

If you want to contact me, please contact me on the contact menu. Hopefully you guys enjoy what I write in every post on this web. If you don't mind, please leave a comment after reading and don't forget to share on your social media. Thanks