Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 82 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 82 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 82 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 82 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 82 Bahasa Indonesia

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Well, in the previous chapter, when Xu Qian was going to give a gift of 1000 Xiantian pills, Qin NAn also interrupted. Xu Qian and Ling Zixiao were even more angry when they learned that the one who interrupted was Qin Nan. Xu Qian even while holding his temper a little then asked what Qin Nan wanted. Qin Nan also explained that this examination process should be completed until everyone took the exam, so don't make your own decisions.

What Qin Nan said made everyone surprised, they never expected Qin Nan to be so brave to say that and what made him so calm as if he could be equal to Ling Zixiao. Xu Qian was of the same opinion, Qin NAn was just trash how could he be able to defeat Ling Zixiao.

Everyone was in Ling Zixiao's allies except for Chu Yun and Xuan, they denounced Qin Nan and assumed that Qin Nan would not reach 400 steps, if he continued to take this test.

Ling Zixiao was so happy with many people on his side and seemed so proud of the results he had achieved that he gave Qin Nan the chance to try it and was so sure that Qin Nan was unable to compete with him so that he could arbitrarily avenge his previous hurt. Xu Qian agreed to it because Ling Zixiao also gave him a chance.
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They also began to bet with Xiantian pill bets on the results that will be achieved by Qin Nan, how many steps can Qin Nan achieve in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboom Woods. Let's witness together the ability of QIn Nan in "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 82" only at

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 82 Bahasa Indonesia

One hundred steps!
Three hundred steps!

What ... very fast! Three hundred steps already!
Damn, how is this possible ?? How did he get this far!

Three hundred and ninety nine steps!

Hmph, looks like we all underestimate this garbage. It makes sense if this trash can reaches three hundred ninety nine steps with eighth grade Martial Spirit ranked Huang. However, it seems like that will be the limit.

That's right, even though he could go that far, it's still in vain.
I ran so fast that I got stones in my shoes.
Hehe, I'll leave.

Four hundred steps!
Four hundred and twenty steps!
Four hundred and fifty steps!
This Qin Nan surpassed Brother Xiao Yunhe! ?

Six hundred steps
Oops, For Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, and those who think I can only reach one hundred and fifty steps, I'm sorry. I really disappoint you guys, because I somehow reached the sixteenth step without paying attention.

Qin Nan, so what if you have reached the sixth step hundred? Even if your Martial Arts are stronger than our hearts, do you think that you can defeat Senior Brother Ling Zixiao? In my opinion, you can only reach a maximum of seven hundred steps!
Right, seven hundred steps will be your limit.
If you don't agree, try reaching eight hundred steps!

eight hundred steps?
Six hundred and fifty steps!
Seven hundred steps!
Seven hundred and fifty steps!
Eight hundred steps!

Friend, I'm really sorry. I've disappointed you all again. I just reached step eight hundred without caution.

This is really eight hundred steps ....
Doesn't Qin Nan surpass Ling Zhi Xiao Senior Brother ...
Don't worry, only eight hundred steps.
After continuing eight hundred steps in this Ancient Enchanting Bamboo Forest, the difficulty increases dramatically. As for exceeding my results, that will only happen in his dreams ...

God! This Qin Nan hasn't stopped! Already eight .... hundred and ninety nine steps!
What! ?
Dear God, Qin Nan has reached eight hundred ninety nine steps ...
Brother Qin Nan can reach this level, Can he really surpass Lin Zixiao?

How is this possible? How could Qin Nan reach step eight hundred ninety nine?
So what are you saying? Can I reach nine hundred steps? Or even exceed nine hundred steps?

Seratus langkah!
Tiga ratus langkah!

Apa ... sangat cepat! Sudah tiga ratus langkah!
Sial, Bagaimana ini mungkin ?? Bagaimana dia bisa sejauh ini!

Tiga ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah!

Hmph, sepertinya kita semua meremehkan sampah ini. Masuk akal jika tempat sampah ini mencapai tiga ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah dengan Roh Bela Diri kelas delapan peringkat Huang. Namun, sepertinya itu akan menjadi batasnya.

Itu benar, meskipun dia bisa pergi sejauh itu, itu masih sia-sia.
Saya berlari sangat cepat sehingga saya mendapatkan batu di sepatu saya.
Hehe, aku akan pergi.

Empat ratus langkah!
Empat ratus dua puluh langkah!
Empat ratus lima puluh langkah!
Qin Nan ini melampaui Brother Xiao Yunhe! ?

Enam ratus langkah
Ups, Untuk Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, dan mereka yang berpikir saya hanya bisa mencapai seratus lima puluh langkah, saya minta maaf. Aku benar-benar mengecewakan kalian, karena aku entah bagaimana mencapai langkah keenam ratus tanpa memperhatikan.

Qin Nan, jadi bagaimana jika Anda telah mencapai langkah keenam ratus? Bahkan jika Bela Diri Anda lebih kuat dari hati kami, apakah Anda berpikir bahwa Anda dapat mengalahkan Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao? Menurut pendapat saya, Anda hanya dapat mencapai paling banyak tujuh ratus langkah!
Benar, tujuh ratus langkah akan menjadi batas Anda.
Jika Anda tidak setuju, cobalah mencapai delapan ratus langkah!

delapan ratus langkah?
Enam ratus lima puluh langkah!
Tujuh ratus langkah!
Tujuh ratus lima puluh langkah!
Delapan ratus langkah!

Kawan, saya benar-benar minta maaf. Saya sudah mengecewakan Anda semua lagi. Saya baru saja mencapai langkah delapan ratus tanpa hati-hati.

Ini benar-benar langkah delapan ratus ....
Tidak Qin Nan melampaui Kakak Senior Ling Zhi Xiao ...
Jangan khawatir, hanya delapan ratus langkah.
Setelah melanjutkan delapan ratus langkah di Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran ini, kesulitannya meningkat secara dramatis. Adapun melebihi hasil saya, itu hanya akan terjadi dalam mimpinya ...

Tuhan! Qin Nan ini belum berhenti! Sudah delapan .... ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah!
Apa! ?
Ya Tuhan, Qin Nan telah mencapai delapan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah ...
Saudara Qin Nan dapat mencapai tingkat ini, Bisakah dia benar-benar melampaui Lin Zixiao?
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Bagaimana ini mungkin? Bagaimana bisa Qin Nan mencapai langkah delapan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan?
Jadi, apa yang kalian katakan? Bisakah saya mencapai sembilan ratus langkah? Atau bahkan melampaui sembilan ratus langkah?
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