Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 80 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 80 Bahasa Indonesia

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Read the latest update from the Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80 manga in English and Indonesian on the blog. How are you all Komnia friends, I pray that all those who visit this blog get health always and make things easier. I will not constantly remind Komnia friends to always take care of their health, because health is very expensive. Alright, This time it's the "Peerless Battle Spirit Manga" update for "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80". For my friend who just joined, and just found out the existence of this blog, you can open all the chapters of this manga in the "PBS" menu which is in the row of menus above this blog. "Peerless Battle Spirit wiki" has been provided for you who want to make it easier to understand the storyline of this manga.

In the previous chapter, students who were so interested in the gift given by Xu Qian, they didn't think long ago and then entered the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods. But they never thought, when they entered the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, their bodies exploded and fresh blood scattered everywhere. The incident immediately made students who have not committed acts of silence and fear.

Within one hour, a total of 58 students entered the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, but 8 students had to die. Xiao Yunhe also made a move to enter the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, but before he entered, he did not forget to put down Qin Nan first.

Xiao Yunhe darted into the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, it didn't take long for Xiao Yunhe to take 300 steps. Then 400 steps, and when he reached 450 steps, he paused and released his martial spirit in the form of an ancient cup and managed to reach 499 Steps.

Besides Xiao Yunhe, there were those who made 400 steps, 450 steps, and Duan Muyang could only reach 450 steps. From this proves Xiao Yunhe still ranks first.
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Xu Qian also rewarded all Xiantian pills. When Ling Zixiao's horde was so proud of their achievements, Huang Long went forward to give lessons that in the sky there was still sky and challenged Ling Zixiao to fight who was the best among them. Who won the battle this time, Let's watch together "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80" only at
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 80 Bahasa Indonesia


Oh, my God, Huang Long and Ling Zixiao will compete with each other. I've waited for a month!
HAHAHA, I'll place a bet on Senior Huang Long, he will definitely win. "
Hehe, Senior Brother Huang Long is too quick to anger, his Martial Heart must be swaying. On the other hand, Senior Brother Ling Zixiao had a polite appearance, and was polite to the people around him. This is a sign of a strict Martial Heart.

Pfft, your interpretation must be a joke. Close f ** k up guys! Both are super geniuses; who gave some rubbish like you the right to comment here?

A duel between the two, a rare sight. As Senior Brother, I am willing to donate a thousand Xiantian Pills as a gift. The winner of the free duel took a thousand of these Xiantian pills.
Thank you, Senior Brother!

whooshing sound
whooshing sound
One hundred steps!
Three hundred steps!
Five hundred steps!

God, seven hundred steps, - no sign of slowing down!
Eight hundred steps!

Both of them began to slow down their speed, maybe this was their limit!
Being able to go so far shows that their martial hearts cannot be underestimated, they are truly two super geniuses!
Their limit? I do not think so, no one has released his martial spirit!

Eight hundred and ninety steps ...
Puft ...
Nine hundred steps!

HAHAHA, Senior Brother Ling Zixiao won!
Senior Brother Ling Zixiao is the best! He is ranked first among the new students!
So frightening, even Senior Brother Huang Long was no match against him. Looks like Senior Brother Ling Zixiao is the king of the new disciples!

HA HA HA. Huang Long, see this? You are not right for me; Your Self-Defense Heart is not near me.
Remember what happened today, because you are no longer my opponent after today!


Now, as a representative of the Mystical Spirit Sect, I declare Ling Zixiao to be the first in the nine hundred step examination. Does anyone have something to say about that?
Thank you, Senior Brother Xu ...


Ya Tuhan, Huang Long dan Ling Zixiao akan bersaing satu sama lain. Saya sudah menunggu selama sebulan!
HAHAHA, aku akan memasang taruhan pada Kakak Senior Huang Long, dia pasti akan menang. ”
Hehe, Kakak Senior Huang Long terlalu cepat marah, Martial Heart-nya pasti limbung. Di sisi lain, Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao memiliki penampilan yang sopan, dan sopan kepada orang-orang di sekitarnya. Ini adalah tanda Jantung Martial yang tegas.

Pfft, penafsiran Anda pasti lelucon. Tutup f ** k up guys! Keduanya sama-sama super jenius; siapa yang memberi beberapa sampah seperti Anda hak untuk berkomentar di sini?

Duel antara keduanya, pemandangan yang langka. Sebagai Saudara Senior, saya bersedia menyumbang seribu Pil Xiantian sebagai hadiah. Pemenang duel bebas mengambil seribu pil Xiantian ini.
Terima kasih, Saudara Senior!

suara mendesing
suara mendesing

Seratus langkah!
Tiga ratus langkah!
Lima ratus langkah!

Ya Tuhan, Tujuh ratus langkah, - tidak ada tanda melambat!
Delapan ratus langkah!

Keduanya mulai memperlambat kecepatan mereka, mungkin ini adalah batas mereka!
Mampu pergi sejauh ini menunjukkan bahwa hati bela diri mereka tidak bisa diremehkan, mereka benar-benar dua jenius super!
Batas mereka? Saya tidak berpikir begitu, belum ada yang melepaskan roh bela dirinya!

Delapan ratus sembilan puluh langkah ....
Puft ..
Sembilan ratus langkah!

HAHAHA, Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao menang!
Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao adalah yang terbaik! Dia berada di peringkat pertama di antara para murid baru!
Begitu menakutkan, bahkan Saudara Senior Huang Long tidak cocok melawannya. Sepertinya Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao adalah raja para murid baru!

HA HA HA. Huang Long, lihat ini? Anda tidak cocok terhadap saya; Hati Bela Dirimu tidak ada di dekatku.
Ingat apa yang terjadi hari ini, karena Anda bukan lagi lawan saya setelah hari ini!

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Sekarang, sebagai perwakilan dari Sekte Roh Mistik, saya menyatakan Ling Zixiao menjadi yang pertama dalam ujian dengan sembilan ratus langkah. Adakah yang punya sesuatu untuk dikatakan tentang itu?
Terima kasih, Kakak Senior Xu ...

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