Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 86 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 86 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 86 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 86 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 86 Bahasa Indonesia

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Well, in the previous chapter, Ling Zixiao was so angry and forced to hand over the Blue Dragon Badge. Ling Zixiao is like a beast ready to pounce on its prey. What Ling Zixiao showed made the murmur accidentally took one step back, but this was different from Qin Nan who remained calm against Ling Zixiao. One disciple deeply regretted that Qin Nan had to die at the hands of Ling Zixiao because only Qin Nan had just made the legendary thousand-related steps in the bamboo forest. They were all very sure, if this time Qin Nan would not be able to survive, it was because Ling Zixiao had gathered several geniuses to be by his side, if they attacked together Qin Nan could certainly lose his life.

Ling Zixiao became even more angry when Qin Nan did not move or intended to hand over the Blue Dragon Badge to him. Ling Zixiao then grasped at Qin Nan, that with his current cultivation Qin Nan could not yet be said to be a match for Ling Zixiao.

When Qin Nan will move forward to Ling Zixiao, suddenly Huang Long is in front of Qin Nan to help Qin Nan. Qin NAn really did not expect this incident, so did Ling Zixiao. Ling Zixiao was not afraid of Huang Long, assuming that in the previous contest Loing Zixiao won the match. Eventually the two of them fought, techniques and explosions were seen everywhere.
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Qin Nan suddenly interrupted and said that this was a conflict between the two of them, the ones who had to resolve it were Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao. Qin Nan was very grateful for Huang Long's kindness and challenged Ling Zixiao to a life and death battle. Hearing what Qin Nan said immediately all turned towards Qin Nan. What will happen next, will Ling Zixia agree or choose to gang up on Qin Nan. Let's watch it with "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 86", only at

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 86 Bahasa Indonesia

Dear God, is this Qin Nan crazy, challenging Ling Zixiao directly?
F ** k, does Qin Nan not care about his life? The difference between him and Ling Zixiao was so big, why did he challenge him like that?
An eighth layer Tempering Realm Body genius challenged a tenth layer Super Tempering Body genius - what's the difference between this and suicide?

Qin Nan, who on earth gave you the courage to provoke Senior Ling Zixiao like that? With your current cultivation, you are not even my opponent; Where did you get the confidence to challenge Senior Brother Ling Zixiao?
Young Brother Qin Nan, don't be rash, With your current cultivation, it will be difficult to match Ling Zixiao's strength.
Don't worry, I can defeat him.

Ha ha ha!
Challenge me? Where do you get your confidence from?

Lin Zixiao, don't you always want to kill me?
Come on, now I'm giving you this chance! Kill me, this Blue Dragon Badge is yours!
Well ... well, because you are looking for death
I will fulfill your wish!

God, how terrible. It was the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon. This is Ling Zixiao's strength!
Even the ninth layer's Tempering Realm Body genius wouldn't be able to withstand this. Qin Nan will definitely die this time.
Tsk, the battle had just begun, and Ling Zixiao had carried out the most powerful attack. I am worried that Qin Nan has no chance at this time!

Look at him, this trash has closed his eyes, isn't he afraid?
Of course .......

Ya Tuhan, apakah Qin Nan ini gila, menantang Ling Zixiao secara langsung?
F ** k, apakah Qin Nan tidak peduli dengan hidupnya? Perbedaan antara dia dan Ling Zixiao sangat besar, mengapa dia menantangnya seperti itu?
Seorang genius Tubuh Tempering Realm lapisan kedelapan menantang seorang genius super tubuh Tempering Realm lapisan kesepuluh — apa perbedaan antara ini dan bunuh diri?

Qin Nan, siapa di bumi yang memberimu keberanian untuk memprovokasi Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao seperti itu? Dengan kultivasi Anda saat ini, Anda bahkan bukan lawan saya; Dari mana Anda mendapatkan kepercayaan diri untuk menantang Saudara Senior Ling Zixiao?
Saudara Muda Qin Nan, jangan gegabah, Dengan kultivasi Anda saat ini, akan sulit untuk menyamai kekuatan Ling Zixiao.
Jangan khawatir, aku bisa mengalahkannya.

Ha ha ha!
Tantang aku? Dari mana Anda mendapatkan kepercayaan diri?

Lin Zixiao, bukankah kamu selalu ingin membunuhku?
Ayo, sekarang aku memberimu kesempatan ini! Bunuh aku, Lencana Naga Biru ini milikmu!
Yah ... well, karena kamu mencari kematian
Saya akan memenuhi keinginan Anda!

Ya Tuhan, sangat mengerikan. Itu adalah Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon. Ini adalah kekuatan Ling Zixiao!
Bahkan jenius Tubuh Tempering Realm lapisan kesembilan tidak akan mampu menahan ini. Qin Nan pasti akan mati saat ini.
Tsk, pertempuran baru saja dimulai, dan Ling Zixiao telah melakukan serangan yang paling kuat. Saya khawatir Qin Nan tidak memiliki kesempatan saat ini!
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Lihat dia, sampah ini sudah menutup matanya, bukankah dia takut?
Tentu saja .......
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