Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 84 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 84 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 84 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 84 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 84 Bahasa Indonesia

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Well, in the previous chapter, Qin Nan opposed Xu Qian's decision because he wanted to give up 1,000 Xiantian pills because he thought Ling Zixiao had won and looked down on that Qin Nan couldn't beat Ling Zixiao's record. After a long period of tension between Qin Nan's and Ling Zixiao's camps, they finally agreed that Qin Nan participated in the test this time, all to prove that Qin Nan was just a selfless trash.

Qin Nan sped away, as fast as lightning reached three hundred steps which made one person after another speechless and had to recognize Qin Nan's ability and finally be able to make Ling Zixiao beat fearful because his record would soon be rivaled because Qin Nan had already reached eight hundred and ninety nine steps. And the ninth step also made Ling Zixiao must admit that he was equal to Qin Nan.
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Not stopping there, Qin Nan continued his steps to reach a thousand steps, even a peerless genius of the sect had not yet reached him. Forward without trepidation by bringing pride and added to the divine battle spirit makes Qin Nan like Qunung who really hit all storms and energy attacks and a thousand steps have been achieved by Qin Nan. The blows of the wind and the energy storm felt so scary that it made others confused, what actually happened to Qin Nan after 1000 steps, let's watch "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 84" only at

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 84 Bahasa Indonesia

A thousand steps, a thousand steps, someone has really done it! The countless steps of genius from the Mystical Spirit Sect failed to reach, he had done it!
This ... this ... how is this possible! ?

This Enchanting Mind Bamboo Ancient Forest is actually used by the sect to train all new students; if someone is able to withstand the pressure, it will bring great benefits.
A thousand steps ... Qin Nan reaches a thousand steps?
Impossible. Am I dreaming? Is this man really Qin Nan?

Brother Nan, are ... did ... have you really reached the thousandth step, the achievement of history?
the first to reach a thousand steps ...
How strong is Qin Nan's Self-Defense Heart?

Senior Brother Xu Qian, my apologies for disappointing you again. I accidentally surpassed Ling Zixiao.
Uh ...
Everyone, I'm sorry. I accidentally reached a thousand steps.

Senior Brother, now will be the time for you to state the results? I remember you saying that anyone who reached a thousand steps would receive twenty Blue Dragon Badges, and a large prize from the sect.
Since Qin Nan has reached a thousand steps, doesn't that make him the first in the Trial of Versatility?

Unexpectedly, this Qin Nan has shown an extraordinary Self-Defense Heart, so we must pay attention to it.
According to the rules, Qin Nan, who created historical action today by reaching a thousand steps, ranked first in this test. He will receive twenty Blue Dragon Badges!

This is twenty Blue Dragon Badges as promised!
Young Brother Qin Nan, for gifts from the sect, you must wait until the results are reported to the elders.
Thank you, Senior Brother Xu.

Qin Nan !!
The Twenty Blue Dragon Badges are mine!

Seribu langkah, seribu langkah, seseorang telah benar-benar melakukannya! Langkah yang tak terhitung jenius dari Sekte Roh Mistik gagal untuk mencapai, dia telah melakukannya!
Ini ... ini ... bagaimana ini mungkin! ?

Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran ini sebenarnya digunakan oleh sekte untuk melatih semua murid baru; jika seseorang mampu menahan tekanannya, itu akan membawa manfaat besar.
Seribu langkah ... Qin Nan mencapai seribu langkah?
Mustahil. Apakah saya bermimpi? Apakah pria ini benar-benar Qin Nan?

Saudara Nan, apakah ... apakah ... apakah Anda benar-benar mencapai langkah keseribu, pencapaian sejarah?
yang pertama yang mencapai seribu langkah ....
Seberapa kuat Hati Bela Diri Qin Nan?

Kakak Senior Xu Qian, permintaan maaf saya karena mengecewakan Anda lagi. Saya tidak sengaja melampaui Ling Zixiao.
Uh ...
Semuanya, saya minta maaf. Saya tidak sengaja mencapai seribu langkah.

Kakak senior, sekarang akan menjadi waktu bagi Anda untuk menyatakan hasilnya? Saya ingat Anda mengatakan bahwa siapa pun yang mencapai seribu langkah akan menerima dua puluh Lencana Naga Biru, dan hadiah besar dari sekte tersebut.
Karena Qin Nan telah mencapai seribu langkah, bukankah itu menjadikannya yang pertama dalam Trial of Versatility?

Tanpa diduga, Qin Nan ini telah menunjukkan Hati Bela Diri yang luar biasa, jadi kita harus memperhatikannya.
Menurut aturan, Qin Nan yang menciptakan aksi sejarah hari ini dengan mencapai seribu langkah, berada di peringkat pertama dalam tes ini. Dia akan menerima dua puluh Lencana Naga Biru!

Ini adalah dua puluh Lencana Blue Dragon seperti yang dijanjikan!
Saudara Muda Qin Nan, untuk hadiah dari sekte, Anda harus menunggu sampai hasilnya dilaporkan kepada para penatua.
Terima kasih, Kakak Senior Xu.
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Qin Nan !!
Dua puluh Lencana Blue Dragon itu milikku!
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