Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 83 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 83 Bahasa Indonesia

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Read the latest update from the Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83 manga in English and Indonesian on the blog. How are you all Komnia friends, I pray that all those who visit this blog get health always and make things easier. I will not constantly remind Komnia friends to always take care of their health, because health is very expensive. Alright, This time it's the "Peerless Battle Spirit Manga" update for "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83". For my friend who just joined, and just found out the existence of this blog, you can open all the chapters of this manga in the "PBS" menu which is in the row of menus above this blog. "Peerless Battle Spirit wiki" has been provided for you who want to make it easier to understand the storyline of this manga.

Alright, in the previous chapter, Qin Nan also interrupted giving a gift from Xu Qian to Ling Zixiao in the form of 1000 Xiantian pills because he had not participated yet. Hearing what Qin Nan said, Xu Qian and Ling Zixiao seemed unable to contain their anger again with Qin Nan's attitude. He thinks Qin Nan is just a samaph who wants to attract the attention of the crowd with his arrogance.

Ling Zixiao also gave an opportunity to Qin Nan and Xu Qian also allowed. They argued that when he could not prove his ability, then they could insult Qin Nan at will, even kill him.

The crowd predicts Qin Nan no more than one hundred steps. Qin Nan did not pay attention to their words and would be uncovered by himself with Qin Nan's achievements.

Qin Nan sped away in an instant he reached 300 steps and did not stop there. 399 steps have passed and Nan Nan didn't stop there, and a huge explosion was heard, 400 steps, 420 steps, 450 steps and he stopped at 600 steps because there was a stone tucked in his shoe.

Qin Nan's achievement now silenced the mouth of the crowd and was speechless. But with Ling Zixiao in their camp, they still despise Qin Nan even though their achievement record has been defeated by Qin Nan.
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Qin Nan was again sped up to reach 800 steps, Ling Zixiao increasingly panicked by the achievements of Qin Nan and began to say something that made him look even greater than Qin Nan. When Ling Zixiao was busy imaging Qin Nan managed to reach 899 steps and another step he was almost the same as Ling Zixiao's achievement. Is it possible that Qin Nan succeeded or instead had to fail until here. Let's watch "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83" only at

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 83 Bahasa Indonesia

I didn't expect that trash like Qin Nan could reach step 899!
But even if you can reach that level! Cannot change the fact that you are just rubbish!

Qin Nan, you will never reach 900 steps, not to mention reaching more than 900 steps!
The pressure of the ninth step increases exponentially. If my Huang Ninth Grade Grade Martial Spirit didn't have the ability to calm my mind, I wouldn't reach 900 steps.
Even Huang Long with the ninth grade Huang Martial Spirit class was unable to withstand that pressure!

Ling Zixiao was right, even with a ninth grade ranked Martial Spirit Huang, one could not complete the ninth hundred steps without a method of calming their minds,
that's why I was defeated ...

Right, there is no way a trash like you can reach 900 steps!
Even Huang Long can't take the ninth step, what can someone like you do!

Is that so?
It seems like you haven't slapped your face enough, you still don't believe me. If that's the case, I'll show you everything I can achieve today.

920 steps!
960 steps!
999 steps!
9 .... 999 steps! Is this man really Qin Nan?

You all have to open your eyes wide, and pay close attention! When I will conquer the thousandth step!

The thousandth step? Are you trying to reach a thousand steps? Have you gone mad?
No one from the Mystical Spirit Sect had ever reached the thousandth step. Those who challenged the thousandth step all eventually died, including a super genius with a ten rank ranked Martial Spirit Huang!

A move that even super geniuses with Huang's ten rank ranked Martial Spirit failed to reach?

Bang Bang Bang
Steps that have never been achieved before; I vow to achieve it today, and produce a real miracle!
Even if my cultivation and body are destroyed, you will not stop my will!
Divine Battle Spirit

The Spirit of Divine Battle fought against Heaven and Earth; no one will not fight, no one will not be opposed;
I am a carrier of the Spirit of Divine Battle, why should I be stopped by the Ancient Bamboo Forest that Enchants the Mind?

One step ahead
Thousandth step
Big explosion

What ... What really happened !?
whooshing sound
whooshing sound
whooshing sound

Its strength is perfected *
The eighth layer Tempering Realm's Body.
Note: *: strength strengthened, his Self-Defense Heart grows stronger and firmer, stable like a monolith.

Saya tidak menyangka bahwa sampah seperti Qin Nan bisa mencapai langkah delapan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan
Tetapi bahkan jika Anda dapat mencapai tingkat itu! Tidak dapat mengubah fakta bahwa Anda hanyalah sampah!

Qin Nan, Anda tidak akan pernah mencapai sembilan ratus langkah, belum lagi mencapai lebih dari sembilan ratus langkah!
Tekanan dari langkah kesembilan meningkat secara eksponensial. Jika Roh Bela Diri kelas sembilan peringkat Huang saya tidak memiliki kemampuan menenangkan pikiran saya, saya tidak akan mencapai sembilan ratus langkah.
Bahkan Huang Long dengan kelas sembilan kelas Huang Martial Spirit tidak mampu menahan tekanan itu!

Ling Zixiao benar, bahkan dengan Roh Bela Diri kelas sembilan peringkat Huang, seseorang tidak dapat menyelesaikan langkah kesembilan ratus tanpa metode menenangkan pikiran mereka,
itulah sebabnya saya dikalahkan ...

Benar, tidak mungkin sampah sepertimu untuk mencapai sembilan ratus langkah!
Bahkan Huang Long tidak dapat mengambil langkah kesembilan, apa yang bisa dilakukan orang sepertimu!

Apakah begitu?
Sepertinya kalian belum cukup menampar wajahmu, masih tetap tidak percaya padaku. Jika itu masalahnya, saya akan menunjukkan kepada Anda semua yang dapat saya capai hari ini.

Sembilan ratus dua puluh langkah!
Sembilan ratus enam puluh langkah!
Sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah!
Sembilan ... Sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah! Apakah pria ini benar-benar Qin Nan?

Anda semua harus membuka mata lebar-lebar, dan perhatikan dengan cermat! Saat aku akan menaklukkan langkah keseribu!

Langkah keseribu? Anda mencoba mencapai seribu langkah? Apakah Anda sudah gila?
Tidak ada seorang pun dari Sekte Roh Mistik yang pernah berhasil mencapai langkah keseribu. Mereka yang menantang langkah keseribu semuanya akhirnya mati, termasuk jenius super dengan Roh Bela Diri kelas sepuluh peringkat Huang!

Langkah yang bahkan jenius super dengan Roh Bela Diri kelas sepuluh peringkat Huang gagal untuk mencapai?

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Langkah yang belum pernah dicapai sebelumnya; Saya bersumpah akan mencapainya hari ini, dan menghasilkan keajaiban nyata!
Bahkan jika kultivasi dan tubuh saya hancur, Anda tidak akan menghentikan kehendak saya!
Roh Pertempuran Ilahi

Roh Pertempuran Ilahi bertempur melawan Surga dan Bumi; tidak ada yang tidak akan bertarung, tidak ada yang tidak akan dilawan;
Saya adalah pembawa Roh Pertempuran Ilahi, mengapa saya harus dihentikan oleh Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran?

Satu Langkah kedepan
Langkah keseribu
Ledakan besar

Apa ... Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi !?
suara mendesing
suara mendesing
suara mendesing
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