Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 79 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 79 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 79 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 79 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 79 Bahasa Indonesia

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Well, in the previous chapter, when they arrived at a bamboo forest, Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao noticed something strange about this forest. Ling Zixiao also realized that in front of him was the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods. Suddenly a martial emperor from behind the forest appeared, he was Xu Qian.

Xu Qian is trusted to oversee the exam this time. This time the test was the most difficult one with Martial Heart. Then he explained in more detail to all the contestants including prizes they would get based on their respective achievements. In addition, Xu Qian also explained something that made all contestants think twice about participating or not.

At first everyone was excited, but after hearing Xu Qian's final explanation, all the students seemed to step back a few steps out of fear. Suddenly a student named Wang Hu came forward to try. With all his strength he was finally able to reach 200 steps but when he was about to step again, he was bounced off by an energy that made him float out of the forest and fresh blood came out of his mouth.
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With the achievement of Wan Hu, he got one hundred Xiantian Pills, the Gift Wang Hu received was like a trigger for all students to advance, and when they began to enter one by one they died. What really happened. Let's watch "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 79" only at
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 79 Bahasa Indonesia

his body ... his body exploded?

You don't need to panic, this happens every year, and this is also your Self-Defense competition.
The sect paid close attention and gave praise to those who succeeded.

This is one hundred Xiantian Pills, which is equivalent to ten thousand Body Tempering Pills; it is luck. Let's go!
The Enchanting Bamboo Forest of the Mind - I will move forward in three hundred steps!

spurt out
spurt out

In one hour, there were fifty-eight students who entered the Enchanting Ancient Bamboo Forest, there were eight students who died in this period.
The deaths of eight people have caused the lively scene to immediately cool; students doubt whether they should take the exam or not.

Hai Qin Nan, you trash, I'll teach you the meaning of a true genius!
Open your eyes wide, pay close attention!
He is ranked first among the top ten geniuses, incredible speed!

Three hundred steps
Four hundred steps
Four hundred and fifty steps
Xiao Yunhe is really strong, he reached Four hundred and fifty steps! Is this the limit?

Huang's Eighth Grade Martial Spirit rank
an ancient container
Four ... four hundred ninety nine steps ...

Duan Muyang and the others also entered the Ancient Bamboo Forest Enchanting Mind-one by one and achieving satisfying results.
Four hundred steps
Four hundred and forty steps
Duan Muyang - Four hundred and fifty steps
Xiao Yunhe- Four hundred and ninety nine steps
Not bad, here are three hundred Xiantian pills for you.
Thank you Senior Brother!

Ha ha ha!
Chu Yun's Senior Sister, Junior Brother Xiao Leng, is not wise if you two choose to follow this rubbish; I am afraid you will regret your decision soon.
This Xiao Yunhe has really gone too far!

HAHAHA, these four scrubs dare to be very proud of their almost insignificant results.
Let me teach the four scrubs the true definition of the Self-Defense Heart.

Huang Long, think about your words.
The Enchanting Bamboo Forest of the Mind does not test one's cultivation base, but one's Self-Defense Heart
Now I want to see, in the case of the Self-Defense Heart, that one of us is stronger, and firmer.

tubuhnya ... tubuhnya meledak?

Anda tidak perlu panik, ini terjadi setiap tahun, dan ini juga merupakan kompetisi Hati Bela Diri Anda.
Sekte memperhatikan dengan seksama dan memberikan pujian kepada mereka yang berhasil.
Ini adalah seratus Pil Xiantian, yang setara dengan sepuluh ribu Pil Tempering Tubuh; itu adalah keberuntungan. Ayo pergi!
Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran - Saya akan maju kedepan hingga tiga ratus langkah!


Dalam satu jam, ada lima puluh delapan murid yang memasuki Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran, ada delapan murid yang meninggal dalam periode ini.
Kematian delapan orang telah menyebabkan pemandangan yang meriah segera mendingin; para murid ragu apakah mereka harus mengikuti ujian atau tidak.

Hai Qin Nan, kau sampah, aku akan mengajarimu arti seorang genius sejati!
Buka matamu lebar-lebar, perhatikan baik-baik!
Dia adalah peringkat pertama di antara sepuluh jenius top, kecepatan luar biasa!

Tiga ratus langkah
Empat ratus langkah
Empat ratus lima puluh langkah
Xiao Yunhe benar-benar kuat, dia mencapai Empat ratus lima puluh langkah! Apakah ini batasnya?

Roh Beladiri Kelas Delapan peringkat Huang
sebuah wadah kuno
Empat ... empat ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah ...

Duan Muyang dan yang lainnya juga memasuki Hutan Bambu Kuno Memikat Pikiran-satu per satu dan mencapai hasil yang memuaskan.
Empat ratus langkah
Empat ratus empat puluh langkah
Duan Muyang - Empat ratus lima puluh langkah
Xiao Yunhe- Empat ratus sembilan puluh sembilan langkah

Tidak buruk, ini ada tiga ratus pil Xiantian untukmu.
Terima kasih kakak senior!

Ha ha ha!
Saudari Senior Chu Yun, Saudara Junior Xiao Leng, tidak bijaksana jika kalian berdua memilih untuk mengikuti sampah ini; Saya khawatir Anda akan segera menyesali keputusan Anda.
Xiao Yunhe ini benar-benar sudah keterlaluan!
HAHAHA, keempat scrub ini berani menjadi sangat bangga dengan hasil mereka yang hampir tidak signifikan.
Biarkan saya mengajari keempat scrub itu definisi sebenarnya dari Hati Bela Diri.
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Huang Long, pikirkan kata-katamu.
Hutan Bambu Kuno yang Memikat Pikiran tidak menguji basis kultivasi seseorang, tetapi Hati Bela Diri seseorang
Sekarang saya ingin melihat, dalam hal Hati Bela Diri, yang salah satu di antara kita berdua lebih kuat, dan lebih kencang.
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