Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 17 English

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 17 English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 17 Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit 17 English
Peerless Battle Spirit 17 Bahasa Indonesia

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Alright, in the previous chapter, Fang Xue's bodyguards were defeated by Qin Nan in one slash, which left Fang Xue confused even though she was injured after being struck by a fire from Qin Nan's saber and made her fly against the stone. FangXue did not believe this, because she got Information that Qin Nan was a genius before and is now a scum who evokes a first class martial spirit.

When Qin Nan approached, Fang Xue seemed to feel a terrible terror. To save his life he must lick to Qin Nan. But even though he asked to be kept alive, Fang Xue continued to suppress Qin Nan with his position as the son of the Fang clan's patriarch and his brother who had just awakened the sixth rank martial spirit. Upon hearing that, Qin Nan sensed something was wrong and there would be a conspiracy, because waking up to the fifth rank was arguably a genius, this is why the Fang clan didn't announce and make a big party.
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On the other hand, Fang Xue who was watching, Qin Nan thought a little, immediately felt like he was above the clouds, and said if Qin Nan wanted to be forgiven he had to kneel and apologize. Qin Nan immediately approached with a sharp gaze then slashed at Fang Xue. Previously he said that Qin Nan was not afraid of anyone. After slashing Fang Xue Qin Nan's eyes were drawn to the treasure map which had made Fang Xue and her guards confused. Is Qin Nan able to find the location referred to in the map, what kind of objects are there? Let's watch it with "Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 17" only at

Sentuh mayat ...
Pil Tempering Tubuh ....
Peta kuno ....
Wanita ini cukup kaya.

Peta kuno ini adalah ...
Menilai dari percakapan antara Fang Xue dan pengawalnya, mereka hanya bisa menemukan sebuah gua dengan mengikuti peta, tetapi tampaknya dalam kondisi hancur, tanpa ada tanda harta.

Karena saya tidak punya urusan apa pun sekarang, saya akan melihat gua. Saya bahkan mungkin menemukan sesuatu yang berguna di sana ...

Desir ~


Ditumbuhi rumput liar
Sepertinya peta ini memang scam.

huft ~



tidak memiliki mekanisme,
tampaknya cetakan itu bukan semacam saklar tersembunyi. Entah ada pertempuran di sini atau seseorang telah berlatih Keterampilan Bela Diri mereka di sini.
Fiuh ~

Semangat pertempuran Ilahi !!! Mengapa Roh Pertempuran Ilahi keluar sendiri ...?
Desir ~
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