God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2 English

God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2 English
God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2 Bahasa Indonesia
God of Martial Arts 98.2 English
God of Martial Arts 98.2 Bahasa Indonesia
 Fearless Without Fear
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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog,  How are you all, I hope everything is in good health. Well this time it's the latest update from "God of Martial Arts Manga" to "God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.1". I apologize if this time the update is too late. You can find "God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.1" and other chapters in the GOMA menu. Use the "God of Martial Arts wiki and novels" to find out more about the story.

Well in the previous chapter, the battle of Han Mo and Yan Yu thrilled the battlefield. When the two of them fought, everyone stopped because of fear and was amazed at the terrible strength of the two of them. Finally, the two of them took the initiative to move so that they would not hurt the side they defended because of their strength that could change the direction of an army victory.

After they disappeared from the battlefield, the battlefield between Xue Yue and Mo Yue came back to life. In the midst of the battle, Lin Feng felt the same Qi as the princess. Lin Feng followed his gut and sped forward while bullying any of the opposing warriors who were blocking him.

Finally Lin Feng saw Duan Xin Ye, and XIn Ye was happy to see Lin Feng. Instantly, Xin Ye shouted for himself to be saved by Lin Feng. Lin Feng rushed to release Xin Ye but two lieutenants from the enemy forces shot towards Lin Feng and a fierce battle ensued. How was Lin Feng's battle this time, against the lieutenants who were not just one of Mo Yue's troops? Is Lin Fneg able to save the princess? Let's watch together only at dediin2.com "God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2".

They brought the princess and escaped very fast!

Border Mo Yue.

Let the princess go.

The prince has given us orders to capture him alive.
Too bad we have to let him live. All we can do is take the princess alive. The prince is too compassionate.
Hu Qiong, even though we can't kill him, we can teach him a good lesson. We can still be very cruel.

Do you know what status the four of us have?

Fourth idiot.
You will realize how stupid you have attacked us. We are all black guard lieutenants.
We lead the army on the battlefield, but because of you and the traps you set, the prince ordered us to go and capture you alive. You must be proud of yourself.

Lieutenant ...
To catch me, they use the princess as bait,
At the same time sending four lieutenants to deal with me, it seemed like they were really interested in me.

Your strategy to burn down the city has caused the deaths of many of our soldiers,
and even though I can't kill you, I want to defeat you within an inch of your life. Everything I feel is hatred towards you.

Swish ~


God of Martial Arts Chapter 98.2 Bahasa Indonesia
How Powerful!

You can't even withstand an attack.

This old tiger will defeat you and become king !!!
Note: The King might mean being a General.

Be Careful!

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