God of Martial Arts Chapter 97.3 English

God of Martial Arts 97.3 English & Indonesia : 
The City on Fire
God of Martial Arts Chapter 97.3 English :
The City on Fire
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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 97.3 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog, How are you all, I hope everyone is in good health. This time it was the "God of Martial Arts Manga" update, because yesterday the raw "God of Martial Arts" came out for the "God of Martial Arts 97.3" chapter. If you haven't read "God of Martial Arts 97.2" and some of the previous chapters, I have translated it on this blog and you can find it in the GOMA menu. In addition, you can use the "God of Martial Arts wiki" to understand the use of words, each of which is different from each manga.

Alright, in the previous chapter, Lin Feng, who had messed up Mo Yue's troops who were in Duan Ren city, finally made them want to get out of the city and head to the east gate of the city. Not unexpectedly it turns out that Lin Feng provided an ambush that made Mo Yue's forces chaotic and many troops killed.

Finally Mo Jie and the troops moved to the west gate. Mo Jie did not expect that the west gate was waiting for General Lu and the troops. Mo Jie acknowledged the greatness of General Liu in compiling the strategy this time. But General Liu said that he was not the one behind all these plans. How surprised Mo Jie heard it, when Lin Feng's name was mentioned by General Liu, Mo Jie was even more surprised.

Finally, because of cornered Mo Jie advanced against General Liu and his army. The battle was very fierce. Lin Feng angrily and blindly killed all of Mo Yue's troops, because they had caught the princess, Duan Xin Ye. Lin Feng was nearly killed because he was overcome by his anger, fortunately there was Wen Ao Xue who reminded him and regained his consciousness and calm. Suddenly Lin Feng felt a terrible Qi, he turned around and saw someone standing above the sky. Who exactly is that person? Friend or foe? Let's watch together "God of Martial Arts 97.3" on the dediin2.com blog. 

A group of barbarians, dare to fight against my Mo Yue!


Mo Yue!
Mo Yue!
Mo Yue!

Liu Cang Lan, you have been fighting my troops for a long time until now, I respect you.
You are an extraordinary person, therefore I will let you die with dignity, I will let you take your own life.

During the war between the two countries, the strongest cultivators were not allowed to get involved, it was one of the rules that all countries respected.
but today you came and pressed my troops, have I agreed?

You don't need to know about this.
However, I will give you ten times to breathe, if you do not end your own life, then I will personally kill you.
Xue Yue ...

How could a real man accept death? I would rather die in battle. Too bad I involve my army.
Because you want to die, I will help you achieve your goals.
In a towering anger, I rested under the sound of the whistling rain. Staring into the distance, staring up at the sky, I said a long, loud cry. My chest hurts. Thirty soldiers now with dust and earth, moon and clouds stretching as far as they can see.

If Liu Cang Lan dies today, Prince Mo Jie will be buried here too.
God of Martial Arts Chapter  97.3 Bahasa Indonesia

Who would dare to say such crazy things?

Han Mo, do you think that cultivator Xue Yue has left?

Yan Yu Ping Sheng, if I knew I would bring a raincoat.

With extraordinary ideals in my mind but hunger fills my stomach, I eat their flesh. To calm my thirst, I drink their blood.

Beep ~

Yan Yu Ping Sheng !!!
Han Mo, if you kill my soldier, I'll kill your soldier.
In the same way, if you kill Liu Cang Lan, I kill Mo Jie.

He is one of the elite cultivators of our Xue Yue.
Have you ever heard the name Yan Yu Ping Sheng?
He is actually a teacher at our Heavenly Academy!
However, don't worry too much, we don't need to be afraid of that group of barbarians.
That person was my zither teacher who helped me break through. Yan Yu Ping Sheng, that's his real name.
Really have terrible power,
Maybe Yan Yu Ping Sheng is even stronger than Long Ding, Deputy Principal.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng, long time no see.
Do you want to fight against me?
If you want to fight,
Let's fight.


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