God of Martial Arts 96.3 English

God of Martial Arts 96.3 English & Indonesia : 
No Death, No Retreat
God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.3 English :
No Death, No Retreat

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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.3 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog, How are you guys, my friend, I apologize for the late upload because "God of Martial Arts raw" came out this morning. This time it was the "God of Martial Arts Manga" update for the "God of Martial Arts 96.3" chapter. If you haven't read the previous chapter, "God of Martial Arts 96.2", you can find it on the GOMA menu on this blog. On the menu you can find all the chapters of "God of Martial Arts Manga" that I translated. If you need help, you can use the "God of Martial Arts wiki" to understand some special words in martial arts.

Well in the previous chapter, Mo Jie came to the place where General Liu's troops retreated namely the Duan Ren border. Arriving there Mo Jie tried to negotiate with General Liu and Lin Feng by offering them a number of benefits, if the two of them wanted to join. But they all refused the offer.

Mo Jie showed someone they were looking for and got the truth If Duan Tian Lang collaborated with Mo Jie to bring down General Liu and the city of Duan Ren. Mo Jie asked General Liu to clear the city he had protected. How did General Lie's attitude towards that request be related to the life and death of the princess? Is Lin Feng going to stay still? Let's watch Lin Feng's journey "God of Martial Arts 96.3" only at dediin2.com.

Even though Duan Ren City is vast, it can only be considered a small city ... having a population of five hundred and fifty thousand civilians. Civilians must leave the city, even though for many it is their birthplace. As a general, I cannot involve them.
As in any war, the outcome is never certain, you can win or lose. The only thing in your control is how you deal with the situation, General.
What do you expect me to do? I do not understand.
I need wood.

Uncle Liu, I hope you can fulfill my request at this time.
Alright, we will help you as much as possible.
Regarding Duan Tian lang and its allies having left, this city did not need their existence.

Liu Cang Lan, you caused our own troops to fight with each other and the princess was arrested because of that. You then cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes. I will report all this to His Majesty and he will decide for himself how to punish you for your crimes.
This animal!
The most regrettable for me is I let Duan Tian Lang join them from the beginning ...

Three days later
The first line of black guards, go secure the Duan Ren Border cliff and do a thorough inspection

Your Majesty, nothing is seen from the top of Duan Ren Border.
There was no one in Duan Ren City, not even the army.
Maybe Duan Ren City had been completely abandoned.
If there were no Duan Ren Border, he would have been involved in battle and would definitely have won.
Clean the way first.
I have been coming to the Duan Ren Border for years and always wanted to pass ...
but at this moment, I have passed ....

Place troops inside Duan Ren City and occupy it.
Late at night

God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.3 Bahasa Indonesia
Pull hide
Act according to plan!

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