God of Martial Arts 96.2 English

God of Martial Arts 96.2 English & Indonesia : 
No Death, No Retreat
God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.2 English :
No Death, No Retreat

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Baca update terbaru dari manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.2 dalam bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia di blog dediin2.com, Bagaimana kabar kalian semua sobatku, pasti kalian sudah menanti update terbaru dari serial "God of Martial Arts Manga". Jika kalian adalah para penggemar serial ini, kalian harus senang, karena "God of Martial Arts raw" untuk chapter terbaru yaotu "God of Martial Arts 96.2" sudah keluar dan kalian segera bisa menikmatinya di blog kesayangan kalian ini. Kalian bisa menemukan semua chapter yang saya kerjakan di menu "GOMA" dan jika kesulitan memahami penggunaan kata kalian bisa menggunakan "God of Martial Arts wiki" untuk membantu kalian memahami maksud atau arti dari kata-kata tersebut.

Baiklah pada chapter sebelumnya, lin Feng dengan sigap meskipun didalam hatinya marah, dia tetap mencoba mengontrol dirinya agar tetap tenang terhadap situasi yang sebenarnya terjadi. Dengan sikap tenang dan analisi yang tinggi, Lin Feng menghancurkan pasukan yang menyerang dirinya, Jendral Liu dan pasukannya.

Tak semua pasukan berhasil mundur, beberapa dari mereka ada yang meninggal, hal itu membuat Jendral Liu Cang Lang sedih. Dia tak pernah menyangka akan berakhir seperti ini.

Ditengah kesedihan Jendral Liu dan Lin Feng yang begitu marah dengan sikap Duan Tian Lang. Tiba-tiba suara gaungan yang menyebut negara Mo Yue terdengar begitu kencang dan seperti mendekat. Dari kejauhan ada seseorang yang berdiri di barisan paling depan. Siapah sebenarnya orang itu. Kisah seperti apakah yang akan terjadi selanjutnya dalam "God of Martial Arts 96.2" hanya di dediin2.com.

God of Martial Arts English :

Hi my friend,
How are you all my friend, surely you have been waiting for the latest updates from the series "God of Martial Arts Manga". If you are fans of this series, you should be happy, because "God of Martial Arts raw" for the latest chapter yaotu "God of Martial Arts 96.2" has come out and you can immediately enjoy it on your favorite blog. You can find all the chapters that I'm working on in the "GOMA" menu and if you have trouble understanding the use of words you can use the "God of Martial Arts wiki" to help you understand the meaning or meaning of those words.

Well in the previous chapter, Lin Feng swiftly despite being angry in his heart, he still tried to control himself to remain calm about the situation that actually happened. With a calm attitude and high analysis, Lin Feng destroyed the forces that attacked him, General Liu and his army.

Not all troops managed to retreat, some of them died, which made General Liu Cang Lang sad. He never thought it would end like this.

Amid the sadness of Generals Liu and Lin Feng who were so angry with Duan Tian Lang's attitude. Suddenly an echo that called Mo Yue's country sounded so loud and like approaching. From a distance there was someone standing in the front row. Who is that person? What kind of story will happen next in "God of Martial Arts 96.2" only at dediin2.com.

Mo Jie.
Divine Arrow General, you have protected Duan Ren Border for years. No one can ever cross the Duan Ren Border.
I, Mo Jie, always admire you for that. I am very happy to meet you today.
Generals of soldiers who were slaughtered did not need military achievements.
What happened is not your fault.
If you decide to come or join my Mo Yue country, I, Mo Jie will welcome you and even give you Commander status.
Victory is victory, defeat is defeat. What's the use of talking about it?
Thank you for your kindness, but I refuse.
I will show you someone and you will understand.

Could it be that the killer who captured the princess was not Duan Tian Lang but the people under Mo Jie's control?
But why was I ambushed by Duan Tian Lang's army, who then directed the accusations at me and wanted to kill me?
Your name is Lin Feng, right?
In a towering anger, I rested under the sound of the whistling rain. Staring into the distance, staring up at the sky, I said a long, loud cry. My chest hurts. Thirty soldiers now with dust and earth, moon and clouds stretching as far as they can see. The young man's hair turned white, he was filled with sadness.
The humiliation of Duan Ren. When officials hate, they destroy. Behind armored horses, go to the mountains armed with flowers. With extraordinary ideals in my mind but hunger fills my stomach, I eat their flesh. To overcome my thirst, I drink their blood. Cleanse from beginning to end, mountains and lakes, moving towards the sky.

Those who can sing with such enthusiasm, broad-minded and wide open, How warm the blood.
Lin Feng, if you are willing to come and join Mo Yue, I will welcome you too. If you want, we can even become oath brothers.
If you accept my offer, I will, of course, not harm the princess. She will even be your wife.
The first thing he said was a beautiful poem, it was a song sung by Lin Feng, which aroused warm blooded anger.
Even though they were both brave, they were fated. If the Mo Yue troops can enter the Duan Ren Border then kill all of us.
Did you send the killer to kidnap the princess?
You don't need to doubt anything. I will show you, and you will understand.

God of Martial Arts Chapter 96.2 Bahasa Indonesia
It's you.
You understand now. I know everything about your troops, and even know about the tension that exists between you and Duan Tian Lang.

You can create chaos among our soldiers using tactics like that,
that is indeed a very good method.
You are clearly a fierce and ambitious person.
If you and the General come to my country, you two will become heroes.

I, Mo Jie, will welcome you both anytime.
Prepare a camp two kilometers from here.
Xue Yue's troops, listen to my words, I want you to retreat from the Duan Ren Border. In three days, if you don't follow my instructions, I will behead the princess.
For these three days, I will not harm your precious daughter.
You have three days to think carefully.

Come back to Duan Ren City.
Liu Cang Lan, you triggered a war between Xue Yue's forces which caused the death of so many soldiers, even the princess was kidnapped ... what is your punishment?
Liu Cang Lan, your crime that can only be resolved by your death.
Duan Tian Lang, I really admire you because you still have the courage to talk in such a way here.

The real traitor in your country, causing the princess to be arrested, wants to kill me, but there is no attempt to capture the people who kidnapped the princess.
To achieve that goal, you do not hesitate to provoke a civil war. You come from the Imperial City with your troops and your son, but when the enemy comes, you are the fastest person to escape with your tail between your legs, like a pig and a dog.
And strangely you still have the courage to point your finger at Liu Cang Lan. If I were you, I would die of shame long ago.
Lin Feng, don't forget that you are the princess's personal guard. The princess disappears, you will not be able to escape your punishment.
Duan Tian Lang, don't forget that you are the Supreme Commander and the princess was kidnapped inside your camp and by your subordinates. I will not be able to escape my punishment? What do you mean by that?
We will see who will die and who will live.
You must kill me as long as you have the chance because if you let me live, the cowardly dog ​​that you call son will die in my hands and you will be the next.
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