God of Martial Arts 95.2 English

God of Martial Arts 95.2 English & Indonesia : 
The Prologue of Battle
God of Martial Arts Chapter 95.2 English :
The Prologue of Battle

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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 95.2 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog, How are you today, I hope you are in good health and always uphold peace and togetherness. Alright this time I will update the comic series "God of Martial Arts Manga" based on the "God of Martial Arts novel" or "God of Martial Arts Lightnovel". Now is the chapter "God of Martial Arts 95.2", If you find unfamiliar foreign words in this omik, you can open the "God of Martial Arts wiki". To find all the chapters "God of Martial Arts", please open the "GOMA" menu in the top menu of this blog.

Alright, in the previous chapter Lin Feng finally asked for permission to accompany Xin Ye. Arriving at the tent Xin Ye played his zither which he learned from his teacher.

The tone of the zither from Xin Ye made Lin Feng feel comfortable. When they were having a conversation, suddenly a group of assassins came to kill Lin Feng and Xin Ye.

The Assassin did not hesitate to kill Xin Ye and as a result to save Xin Ye Qiu Chu had to sacrifice himself for the sake of the princess.

But it did not last long, suddenly like a form of spirit gripping Xin Ye. When Lin Feng henda saved Xin Ye, he was surrounded by several assassins. Lin Feng was overwhelmed by the swarm of assassins. How is the fate of Xin Ye who is already in the grip of the enemy? why are there no reinforcements? Let's find the answer in "God of Martial Arts 95.2" only on the dediin2.com blog.

What a skilled attack!
Besides that, even the weakest person is in the fifth Ling Qi layer. I myself cannot block and kill them all.

God of Martial Arts Chapter 95.2 Bahasa Indonesia
Get out of my way!

What about His Majesty, the princess?

What did you do to the princess?
Arrows ready!

Is that you?
What did you do to the princess?
Hand over the princess!

Ha ha ha!
Not only do you plan to kill the princess but you also want to make false accusations against me, to kill me?
I do not understand what you say.
How dare you mention the princess's life and your own life in the same sentence? You think too much about yourself.
Even though your lieutenant status was given by Liu Cang Lan, today, you killed the princess's servant and helped kidnap the princess. If you don't give an explanation, you will die here.
Explanation? When the princess was kidnapped, they all waited by the tent, how could they not see the kidnappers fleeing? Besides, when I chased the kidnappers, they intercepted me with an army of arrows and stopped my pursuit.

Lin Feng, the princess is kind to you, you are her personal guard and surprisingly you dare to commit such a crime, now, tell us where the princess is!
Duan Tian Lang, are you not the person of this origin?
You will never stop until you die.
I will give you time to think, if you don't tell where the princess is, I will kill you as punishment.
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