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In the previous Chapter, Li FU Chen had proven that he deserved to be the chairman then held a member reshuffle. Although there are those who disagree, but Fu Chen is able to overcome it. Then Li Fu Chen made an offer that benefited the members of the alliance but it seemed their faces said something different when they first heard of Li Fu Chen's ideas. How next, let us witness together in "Yong Heng Zhi Zun chapter 194 English or Yong Heng Zhi Zun chapter 194 Indonesian or Yong Heng Zhi Zun chapter 194 Sub Indo".

You all calm down, even though you all don't fully trust me, I as the leader of the alliance will not force and make this difficult for you.
Our Baihe Sect is willing to hand over 100,000 of low quality spiritual stones.

Good, I want to know what kind of low level equipment from the level Di do you need?
I want a long sword and a large spear.
No problem
Leader, our Fanhua faction is willing to hand over 80,000 low quality spiritual stones.
Our Pili sect is willing to hand over 120,000 low quality spiritual stones.

I didn't expect these three sects to be very rich.
There are only sixteen sects of the alliance, and the total has reached 4.8 million low quality spiritual stones.
Even in the rainbow continent, it is estimated that it is also richer than the wealthy great scholars in the Dong Lin continent.

Very good,
In the first wave, I will submit five lower level equipment from the Di level.
The sect that deserves this is the Feng Xue Sect,
Changchun Valley,
Sect Ling Xiao Jian,
Baihe Sect and Lu Li Sect.

Besides, I have good news for all of you,
I will give you some low-level medicinal herbs from the Di level to help you practice cultivation.
As for low level equipment from the Di level, you have to wait a while for the second wave.
With abundant spiritual stones, Li Fu Chen returned to the rainbow continent with a teleportation disc. With a spiritual stone he bought eighty pieces of equipment, seventy are rare armor, and a large amount of medicinal herbs.

In one trip, plus consumption of teleportation discs, Li Fu Chen used up 2 million low-quality spiritual stones.
Li Fu Chen did not provide low level equipment from the Di level to all sects, because it was very expensive and rare.
With a large amount of refining medicinal herbs, Li Fu Chen also increased his refining power.
Leader, I want to know where all the low level di tier tools comes from?
That is true
This is my secret.

This is not convenient to say.
This time, there is no need to worry about low level equipment from this level.

Here are some low-level medicinal pills from Di, one person, one level.
The whole Dong Lin continent has become my exclusive shop.
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