Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 192 English

Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 192 English
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 192 Bahasa Indonesia

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Well in the previous chapter, Li Fu Chen was meditating to understand and communicate with that heavenly sword. After some time, finally Fu Chen succeeded in communicating the sword spirit. Then they simultaneously broke the sword's first seal.

After the opening of the first seal, the soul's spirit regained its permission to sleep again, because the Qi was used quite a lot. Finally Lin Feng began to learn some new techniques and abilities to deal with enemies.

Fu Chen hoped to find a new skill that might be passed on to this sword. Fu Chen was increasingly persistent and tirelessly practiced. After two months the technique that Fu Xhen learned will reach its peak. What kind of technique is that? Was it stronger than Qin Yang's sword intent? Let's watch together.

Booooom ~
Young master Li is really talented.
Mid-level sword art At the prefecture level, in just two months, the technique will reach its peak.
Dong Lin mainland, Can anyone be his rival?

This sword technique was very powerful, consuming a little Qi, not reaching one tenth of the Qing Yang sword's meaning!
Congratulations To Young Master Li, his sword technique has reached the peak.
The 100th Alliance Congress will begin at noon tomorrow, when should we go there?
Don't worry, let's leave tomorrow morning.

The next day
Now it was noon, where is Li Fu Chen, he was really arrogant!
The Dou Ling clan
Big elder
Xiahou Wu

Sorry for making everyone wait so long.

The Donglin mainland also has a person in the Dou Ling clan who has a terrible root bone, indeed deserves to be called the Dou Ling clan.
Then ...

Let's start the meeting!
Previously at the hundred sect alliance,
has three chairpersons and seven deputy chairs.

This time, I decided this alliance consisted of only one chairman, two deputy chairs and eight elders.
I will be the chairman and responsible for everything,
Elder Mu and Elder Su will be the vice chairman.
The rest become elders. I want to know if you have additional comments or complaints.

Please think again about the vice chair position.
E? It seems that elder Shi still doubts your elder.
Your Elder, you should exchange your views on cultivation with Elder Shi!

Elder Shi, please.
Fight, all right, who's scared !?

Lower-class prefectural gloves /
It is true.
Does anyone have other opinions about my current arrangements?

I want to challenge you.
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