Peerless Battle Spirit Prologue

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter Prologue English
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter Prologue Bahasa Indonesia
 Peerless Battle Spirit Prologue English
Peerless Battle Spirit Prologue Bahasa Indonesia

Hi my friend,
Read the latest update from the Peerless Battle Spirit prologue manga in English and Indonesian on the blog, how are you all today, this time I just found a comic that is quite interesting with a good story and a good picture quality too. This is actually my second new project. So which one I will choose to upload first will definitely make you smile broadly. This comic series is named "Peerless Battle Spirit".

This comic tells of a child named Qin Nan living on a continent that respects the name of a martial artist.
Qin Nan is a genius born in a city on the continent. He was strongly believed to be an incomparable martial artist, but all of that was destroyed when the ritual awakened spirits and it turned out he only raised spirits of a low level. What is the next story from Qin Nan. Let's wait and watch only on the blog.

Produser: Chen fan/Zhangda kong
Penulis: ROD
Penulis naskah: Zhangda kong
and thank to :
Gulu hu lu jiao, Loulan, Xiao yu, dan Yu bing.


Seniman beladiri begitu dihormati di benua Canglan!
Seseorang yang berhasil membangkitkan Roh Bela Diri, mampu mengejar jalur kultivasi.
Seorang seniman beladiri yang kuat bahkan dapat menghancurkan gunung dan sungai hanya dalam satu gerakan.
Merobek langit

Qin Nan disambar petir.
Tanpa diduga memperoleh Roh pertempuran illahi.
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Sejak dahulu kala di medan perang terjadi pertempuran antara Dewa Pertempuran Ilahi dengan Sang Budhha.
Tidak ada Dia tidak berperang melawan, dan tidak ada Dia tidak menang melawan!
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