God of Martial Arts 95.1 English

God of Martial Arts 95.1 English & Indonesia : 
The Prologue of Battle
God of Martial Arts Chapter 95.1 English :
The Prologue of Battle
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Well, in the previous chapter, Lin Feng was punished by General Liu for his disrespectful actions towards war commander Tian Lang. Tian Lang never expected Lin Feng to show a performance and performance that really made my heart pound.

Lin Feng and the army managed to defeat the elite forces of Mo Yue and regained the army with a victory. General Liu was very proud, not all officers saw Lin Feng's abilities.

This time Mo Yue's troops were just measuring Mo Yue to take the next action.

Suddenly, Xin Ye came and asked Lin Feng to go to the tent to accompany him. That made Liu Fei or Fei-Fei a little jealous. How Lin Feng's way of handling this problem. Who was the assassin who was aiming for the real Lin Feng. Don't forget to watch the full story only on dediin2.com blog. Let's watch with "God of Martial Arts 95.1".

General Liu, officer Jiu, I asked permission to return to the tent first, there was something I had to do.
Fei Fei, you have to handle things like this properly.
Handle what is right?
Ha ha ha!
General, it looks like Princess Duan Xin Ye is interested in Lin Feng. He will become Fei Fei's rival in the future.


Lin Feng, how about my game?
Do you like it?
Of course, the sound of a zither makes people comfortable.
Princess, I want to ask you something.
Princess, the battlefield is a dangerous place, why did you have to come here?
This is because....

God of Martial Arts Chapter 95.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Kacha ~



Qiu Cao!
Sword energy.

Damn, he brought the princess.
Leave him !.
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