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God of Martial Arts 94.3 English & Indonesia : 
Chi Xie, The Celestial Sword Unit
God of Martial Arts Chapter 94.3 English :
Chi Xie, Pasukan Pedang Surgawi

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Alright, in the previous chapter, As a punishment for Lin Feng acting impolitely to Duan Tian Lang. General Liu ordered Lin Feng to come forward and make up for his mistakes with an impressive achievement.

Lin Feng did not refuse General Liu's orders and sped forward with his army. Lin Feng sped forward towards the elite troops of Mo Yue who had previously slaughtered Xue Yue's army.

As expected, Lin Feng showed a stunning appearance, because it easily destroyed the spear wave that was pointing at him.

The battle continued, Han Man, Po Jun and Ba Dao did not want to be left behind to show the achievements that were recognized by everyone. Mo Yue's elite troops all died and leaving only the leader. Lin Feng also advanced towards the leader, the battle of Qi was very intense. How was the battle path between Lin Feng and the leader of the elite forces Mo Yue who was in the seventh layer of the Ling Qi realm? Let's watch together in "God of Martial Arts 94.3".

God of Martial Arts Chapter 94.3

What happened?
Where you look, your opponent is me.

What is this martial spirit !!!
No good, I'm not the opponent!


You attack my colleagues who are evil, I must kill you.

General, I see your picture in him.
I rarely see you smile for a long time.
I'm ... not as talented as him.

Today, the enemy Troops try to test the strength of our troops, this time they choose to withdraw their troops, but the next turn is their full attack.
Lin Feng, This time you increase the morale of military troops, good achievement! or good achievement!
You are now a Lieutenant. You are now in charge of your own Chi Xie unit called the Heavenly Sword and you are directly under Jiu Chi Xie.
Lin Feng gratefully accepted.

Lin Feng, your tent is still in the same place. Now you are a Lieutenant so feel comfortable in Chi Xie's army. You can do as you wish with the soldiers.
If there is danger, you can handle it as you wish, but I want both to return when you are done. If they leave, I lose two lieutenants.
Officer, does this mean we can join the Heavenly Sword unit?
No, return to your unit now.
Roger, Officer.
Lin Feng, these two people, I still need them. Sooner or later, they will be under your command.
Lin Feng

Princess, what's the problem?
There must be a problem so I can talk to you? You are my personal guard.
Lin Feng, come with me to my tent. Qiu Cao will make us tea and we can talk for a while.
Ehhh ...
You don't like things like that?
Well, forget it then. You may leave.
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