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Chi Xie, The Celestial Sword Unit
God of Martial Arts Chapter 94.1 English :
Chi Xie, Pasukan Pedang Surgawi

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Well in the previous chapter, after chatting with Han Man and Po Jun, it turns out that Liu Cang Lang also introduced him to the 5 officers in Chi Xie's army. Lin Feng was very fortunate to be able to meet them and Liu Cang Lang introduced Lin Feng as his future son-in-law. Because Fei-Fei likes Lin Feng.

Because he loved Fei-Fei so much, one of the officers shot towards Lin Feng with a terrible Qi pressure. Lin Feng who felt depressed he did not retreat backward but instead advanced forwards towards the officer Lei Qin Tian. Officer Lei was very happy with Lin Feng's spirit and everyone felt calm because Fei-Fei chose the right man.

General Liu, Officer Jiu and Lin Feng spoke in six eyes. Officer Jiu explained about Chi Xie's troops and Chi Xie's army philosophy for Lin Feng to remember. And asked Lin Feng to join the Jiu army in the front row, so he would face the enemy directly.

Awaited day arrived. Lin Feng put on his armor and along with his horse headed for the battlefield with everyone. How is the war going? Will Lin Feng immediately give a huge gift to Xue Yue Country or will there be a very sad event? Let's watch together "God of martial arts 94.1".

Follow me.
Face the enemy directly!

Shu ~
Brother Liu, the enemy came and they looked very strong. It seems like they have more than five hundred thousand troops. How do we overcome it ?.
Duan Tian Lang, do you think that prince Mo Yue will directly attack us?

Shu ~
We are the black guards from Mo Yue Country. Thirty-six people, to meet directly with Xue Yue Chi Xie's troops,
who dares to fight us?
Don't fight
Do not fight? Chi Xie's troops are elite troops from Xue Yue Country and today we are at war, surprisingly you say we are not fighting ... Why did you ruin the mood of the troops,
What is your purpose?.
Duan Tian Lang, if you want to fight, then send your own troops.

So that's Chi Xie's army! What a bunch of bastards.
Even though I'm not talented, I won't back down either!
Among the people from the Heavenly Academy, who would want to fight? I can send thirty-five elite troops and let you lead the battle.
Of course, if none of you want to fight, I will send someone from Xue Yue's Holy Pages.
I want to fight.
Well. Students from Xue Yue's Holy Yard and Heavenly Academy are all outstanding students in Xue Yue Country.
You cannot join the battle, you will all die.
Lin Feng, you and I are both military students, I thought you were warm-blooded like me. I would not think that you would be a coward.

Xue Yue's troops, follow me to kill the enemy !.
Spear Waves !.

Black Guards invited Xue Yue Chi Xie's troops to come and fight.

Shu ~
Noble deaths, they deserve respect. Not all Heavenly Academy students are cowards who don't dare to fight.
Among the geniuses of the Celestial Academy, who would want to go and take revenge on your students?
Cowards who don't dare to fight?
As you said, we are bound by the same hatred of enemies. The Holy Pages of Xue Yue and the Heaven Academy battled as brothers. I heard that your son, Duan Han, is an extraordinary genius. He also came to the battlefield to get practical experience. I want to invite Duan Han to regain the prestige of our country, because our country has just been humiliated.
Let Duan Han go and complete the heroic action.
Duan Han, his strength is still shallow, not capable enough for this big responsibility, so it is better done by other young talents.
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