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The calm before the storm
God of Martial Arts Chapter 93.3 English

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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 93.3 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog. How are you all my friend, surely you have thought or just like me did not expect that the comic series "God of Martial Arts" will be updated so fast, for the chapter "God of Martial Arts 93.3". Even though today I mean I will make spoilers based on the "God of Martial Arts novel". But since it was released, I didn't publish the spoilers. If you haven't read the comic "God of Martial Arts 93.2" below, my friend can open it on your favorite blog.

Well, in the previous chapter, Lin Feng was invited by General Liu Cang Lan to camp. On the way to camp Lin Feng had to cross the Duan Ren city border which was filled with various weapons that had been broken and damaged and where all the owners of the weapons had died on the battlefield. Very cold qi feels very much. The sadness was unbearable even though Lin Feng tried to be strong.

After arriving at General Liu's tent, General Liu ordered a force to bring Han Man and Po Jun to General Liu's tent. Finally, old friends meet. General Liu un left the three of them to release their longing and exchange stories.

Han Man and Po Jun gave Lin Deng a big surprise in the form of the blood spirit that Han Man had and the double spirit that Po Jun had. They also explained how the situation happened there. And they walk out to see the situation around. Suddenly in front of them four people stood right in front of them. Who are the four of them? Is General Liu being held captive by them? Let's watch together how the next story in "God of Martial Arts 93.3".

General, Officer!
Han Man, Po Jun, you two can leave.
Roger, General!
Feng Yu Han
Ren Qing Kuang
Lei Qing Tian
Jiu Chi Xie
Lin Feng, this is Chi Xie's army officer, Jiu Chi Xie. This is the middle officer, Ren Qing Kuang. This is the left officer, Feng Yu Han, and this is the right officer, Lei Qing Tian.
I am Lin Feng, I am very happy to meet with Officer Jiu, Officer Ren, Officer Feng and Officer Lei.
He is the Lin Feng that I told you about. The person who conquered Fei Fei's heart, my future son-in-law.

I want to know what kind of man Liu Fei likes.

Shu ~

How terrible.
How many lives he took to become an officer. An extremely terrible Qi.


Shu ~
To pat
To pat
Not bad. Not only are you not getting away from me but you are getting closer.
I like it.
No wonder Fei Fei likes it. For someone his age, possessing strength that exceeded the fifth Ling Qi layer was very good
If I'm not mistaken, he has broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer.
You are not even eighteen years old yet. Having reached such a level of cultivation was quite impressive. Those who help us here are much weaker. You have unlimited possibilities with your talent. Too bad you won't stay long among the soldiers.

Alright, you can return to your position.
Chi Xie, you can stay here.
Lin Feng.
Lin Feng, in Chi Xie's army, apart from me as an officer, there were three non-commissioned officers, thirty lieutenants, three hundred sergeants and three thousand guards. In total, there were 28,521 Chi Xie's armored horses. All our troops are elite fighters. Our strategy is to fight one on ten. Even though we have fewer troops than other factions, if we attack, we win.
Lin Feng, will you remember this?
I will keep that in mind.
Good riddance. After each battle, remember how much we have lost. I will then know how many of our brothers have died. It will make me sadder with every death. So next time, I will do my best and there is no effort to greatly reduce the number of my brothers who have to die.
Lin Feng, this time follow me, then join my Chi Xie army, and meet the enemy!
Lin Feng was willing to listen to orders!

In the morning
Huu Huu Huu Huu ....
They finally arrived.
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