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The calm before the storm
God of Martial Arts Chapter 93.2 English

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Read the latest update from the manga God of Martial Arts Chapter 93.2 in English and Indonesian on the dediin2.com blog. How are you guys, sorry I am late for the comic "God of Martial Arts or God of Martial Arts manga" which this time the chapter "God of Martial Arts 93.2". For the past few days I have taken a lot of rest because I was focused with my family. If you have just joined this blog you can enjoy this comic series in two languages ​​namely "God of Martial Arts English" and "God of Martial Arts in Indonesian". If you haven't read the chapter "God of Martial Arts 93.1" back then you can find it on your favorite blog. Actually this is almost the same as the spoilers I gave you earlier which is a summary of the "God of Martial Arts novel".

Alright, in the chapter before Lin Feng and Jendra Liu met Duan Tian Lang and made a deal. After finishing General Liu took Lin Feng to the camp. On the way to the campsite, Lin Feng felt a piercing chill entering the camp.

Even though there was no war, cold Qi was still felt. General Liu tells how the soldier's condition is good in terms of quality and quantity. And hope for Duan Tian Lang's cooperation.

Arriving at the tent Lin Feng was surprised by the arrival of two people. Who are these two people? Could Lin Feng know them? What surprise did Lin Feng get? Let's watch together in "God of Martial Arts 93.2".

This is the main and final stronghold of the city of Duan Ren!
Even though there is no danger in the near future, as before, I still feel oppressive cold Qi.
Psshhhh ~.

Uncle Liu, how many troops are there?
Three hundred thousand.
The guards reported that this time, Mo Yue's army had more than five hundred thousand troops.
Duan Tian Lang also brought a hundred thousand troops, if he wholeheartedly cooperated with me. Opponents might have five hundred thousand troops, but if Duan Tian Lang and I managed to work together efficiently then the battlefield advantage would make it too difficult for them to attack.

Order Han Man and Po Jun to come to my tent.
Lin Feng!
Han Man, Po Jun.
Lin Feng, you guys can talk, I'll go see Duan Tian Lang to make sure what he has to do.

Han Man, Po Jun, are you familiar with this place?
We are used to it!
Lin Feng, brother, Po Jun and I now control the elite forces. The general has put them under our control. They are all very strong and all have extraordinary backgrounds.
Have you ever been in a lot of dangerous situations?
We have never been in many dangerous situations. Po Jun and I have broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer.
not only ...

Shu !.
Han Man, his spirit can merge with the earth. How can it be ... Could it be the spirit of blood?
Spirit of wine and spear of illusion, Po Jun has a double spirit!
You are too kind!
Hehe, this was also an accident, arousing my enthusiasm for the second time.
However, Po Jun secretly hid his new strength from us.
Blood spirit, double spirit.
Sect Yun Hai is very proud to have you, I am sure your ancestors and elders will feel very happy.
Having a double spirit is no big deal, especially when you have a big slave mark on your face. It was as if I had died long ago in the Detention Arena.
Po Jun, don't worry about the mark on your face, sooner or later, I will help you remove it.
That's right, don't be depressed. We will get rid of these signs, sooner or later.
Lin Feng, let's go for a walk. I will tell you more about other troops and the current situation.

Among the troops, there are different categories, guards, sergeants, lieutenants, non-commissioned officers and officers.
Our forces consist of a total of three hundred thousand troops. Excluding General Liu Cang Lan, there are three officers who are divided into left, right and center. In addition, each officer has ten officers who are not assigned under their control.
In addition, there were also Chi Xie's armored troops with special commanders. Po Jun and I are part of that category.
Han Man, how strong is this officer?
All ordinary warriors are in the Qi layer. The protector is at the top of the Qi layer. The sergeant is required to penetrate the Ling Qi layer. It was even tighter for the Lieutenant who was required to penetrate, at the very least, the third Ling Qi layer.
Officers who are not assigned must break through to the sixth Ling Qi layer and as far as three officers are concerned, one is in the eighth Ling Qi layer and the other two are in the ninth Ling Qi layer. One more step and they will reach the Xuan Qi layer. They are very strong.
Brother Lin Feng, you can ask the General to give you the lieutenant position so we can fight the common enemy.

Let's walk again.
Little Feng
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