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The Song (Man Jiang Hong,Chinese Poems)
God of Martial Arts Chapter 92.3 English
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Well in the previous chapter, Lin Feng was appointed by Duan Wu Ya to be Duan Xin Ye's personal bodyguard. Wu Ya's choice surprised everyone, but he also couldn't refute it.

Lin Feng being a private bodyguard indirectly had the privilege that he was not under the command of Duan Tian Lang, but under the command of Duan Xin Ye. Ling Feng was also a little confused as to why Wu Ya helped him.

Finally all the troops moved to the city of Duan Ren. After a long journey, they finally arrived. One representative from the Tian Lang army asked the gatekeeper to open the door. The gatekeeper did not dare because he had not received orders from General Liu.

Duan Tian Lang's annoyance and anger were unstoppable, he then began to slander Liu Cang Lan. Lin Feng who knew Tian Lang's intent did not stay quiet hearing Duan Ting Lang's dirty words.

Eventually the atmosphere heated up because of the debate between Lin Feng and Tian Lang. Duan Tian Lang used his position to punish Lin Feng and Lin Feng laughed loudly when he heard the reason why he deserved punishment. How is the continuation of Lin Feng's story this time, let's watch together.

God of Martial Arts Chapter 92.3

Princess, It's not because I don't want to protect you, it's just that Duan Tian Lang doesn't want me to do it right. I'm going now.
Anyone who wants to come with me is free to do it.
I want to know who dares to go with you.

Damn it
Don't give me face!

Princess, Your Majesty, they are warriors. If they disobeyed the order they were given, they must die.
Hehe, Duan Tian Lang, Really brave.
Once he arrived in Duan Ren city, Duan Tian Lang had already ignored Duan Wu Ya's orders and wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends.
Today, whoever shoots the arrow, I will kill you on the spot. We will see whether Duan Tian Lang or others will dare to stop me.

I am Lin Feng. Brother, can you open the gate? Sorry for the inconvenience.
It was young masters Lin Feng and Miss,
Open the gate.

Shu ~
They are very brave, General. Should we try to take over the gate?
I came here to work with Liu Cang Lan and defeat our common enemy. Do you want me to provoke them and cause trouble? Get away from me
Alright, General.

Command all the troops, set up a tent to rest and rearrange.
Lin Feng, Fei Fei, you guys are here.
Uncle Liu
Little Feng, do you wonder why City Duan Ren is so peaceful and why I didn't let them come to the city?
Please give me enlightenment with your explanation.

Little Feng, I will definitely tell my reason. You came to help us fight against Mo Yue Country because they attacked us and we really need help, right?
Could that not happen?
Duan Ren City is very calm. Absolutely not in danger. They did not come to help us, but to seize power. The Imperial City could not take it anymore and had decided to attack me.
Oh, my God.

Will you let them wait outside all this time?
Because I already knew their plans; storming my city without fighting is impossible.
I want to see how they intend to take my city while it is under my control.
But Lin Feng, you shouldn't have come here with Fei Fei, this is a bad situation.
Since we are already here, we cannot escape now.
Alright, let's go to the mansion.
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