Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 191 English

Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 191 English
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Well in the previous chapter, Li Fu Chen finally returned to the Feng Xue sect and met with your elders. Lin Feng told how the ten demon king's territory strength was and how their strength was now. Elder Mu was surprised and proud about the facts revealed by Li Fu Chen.
On the other side of the blood demon territory, one of the blood demons who fought against Li Fu Chen returned and recounted all the incidents he had experienced while fighting Li Fu Chen. The Blood Demon King was very angry and would coordinate with the queen of Medusa to kill Li Fu Chen.
Li Fu Chen knew the extent of his strength and thought of ways how he could become stronger in quick time. Fu Chen remembered the heavenly slaying sword he had once obtained but it turned out that the sword was sealed with more than one seal.
Finally Li Fu Chen asked the elders' solutions and got the answers. Elder Mu said that if Li Fu Chen had to be able to communicate with the spirit contained in the sword. Could it be that Lin Feng was able to talk with that sword? Let's watch it together.
This sword spirit was intentionally sealed.
If I can master the basic pattern of swords of this heavenly slayer sword, I believe that maybe I too can become a master of sword patterns.
Several days have passed, even though they haven't been able to communicate with the sword spirit,
But Li Fu Chen's understanding of the sword pattern was more and more profound, it was even able to create one of the lower level Di. level sword patterns.

beeep ~

This branch was not inferior to a low-level red blood sword Di level.
Understanding one type of low-level sword pattern At the prefecture level, maybe I could try to perfect the bronze sword marrow.
The six-star mystic sword that Li Fu Chen obtained was divided into 3 parts. Pieces of black iron and bronze sword marrow were perfect. But the bronze sword's body was not yet perfect, so Li Fuchen could not practice cultivation.

Finally you have understood the basic pattern of the heavenly slayer sword?

Sword spirit?
Not bad, I'm from your predecessor generation.
Looks like we have a predetermined connection, maybe I can breathe a little sigh of relief now, then I'll help you to open the first seal.

Xuan level high-level heavenly slayer sword art
Xuan Tian's sword intentions
It turned out that after opening his first seal, this sword became a mid-level Di tier sword ! ?
Loneliness without stupid friends,
You need to know, I am a heavenly slaying sword, one of the three sword gods, who have slaughtered countless holy emperors, even though the sword Qi is as thin as thread, it can kill you.
After slaughtering countless holy kings, traces of swordsmanship can destroy you.
Does a holy emperor really exist?

Your level is too low, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you.
Helping you unlock the seal is very tiring. I want to sleep first. Don't bother me!
Holy Emperor,
must be far more powerful and gruesome than countless kings,
When I get stronger, I will understand naturally.

Oh, by the way, after opening this sword seal. Is there any inherited sword art?

Mid-level di Tier sword art
Heavenly thick ice sword art.
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