Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 190 English

Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 190 English
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Previously, Li Fu Chen bombarded the territory of 10 demon lords. One by one the demon lord was challenged by Li Fu Chen, the three demon lords were Li Fu Chen beaten up.

When Li Fu Chen fought with the king of elephants, Li Fu Chen experienced a little difficulty. apparently it was caused by the king of elephants having a line of demon king.

Eventually the four kings united to fight Li Fu Chen. All the demon kings were confused that their combined strength had not been able to defeat Li Fu Chen. The fight continued and one by one began to retreat. Finally Li fu Chen returned to the sect. In another region the blood demon king planned a strategy for Fu Chen. How was Li FU Chen's fate?

Young master Li, you have returned!
The territory of ten demon lords, his strength was stronger than before.
Especially the king of elephants, he raised two kinds of demons who possessed innate abilities of animals, his strength above You Lie.

If it wasn't for the existence of the demon army territory, which is part of the three pillars of the territory, I'm sure that the ten demon territory has attacked the alliance of one hundred sects.
What, is the elephant king so strong?
That's right, the elephant king has the bloodline of the demon king.
I can't imagine what kind of battle Young Master Li has experienced?

I fought separately with Horned Demon King, Strong Demon King, Tiger Demon and Elephant King.
They are not my opponents, even though they all worked together to fight me.
Young master Li is truly blessed by the gods, this old man admires you.
Blood demon territory

Li Fu Chen defeated four demon lords,
I am injured in several parts of the body .....
This young man cannot be tolerated, must be eliminated (eliminated) as soon as possible,
and I have to discuss with Queen Medusa.
In the territory of ten demon lords, blood demon lords and queen medusa had the strongest power.

Until now, I still have to rely on the core power of blazing fire, the divine art of blazing sun, the technique of a million swords of a million sects, and bronze sword marrow.

But this power was too weak, and the meaning of Qing Yang's sword consumed too much Qi. How can I become stronger in a short time?
Is it possible,
I can open the first seal of the sword of the slayer god ……

This double-edged sword is multi-seal!
Does the elder have a way to break this seal?

This type of weapon which is sealed like this, usually has a spirit,
Young master Li might try to communicate with the weapon spirit.
Legend has it that only heavenly weapons contain spirits!
Young master Li, the double-edged sword that you have, even if it is not a heavenly sword, it is also a top-level prefectural weapon, and may also have a spirit.

Oh, I see..
Young master Li, this sword of a god of murder is too valuable, it is best not to be exposed easily.
Elder Mu, lately the Feng Xue sect has often been troubled,
This pair of gloves is a gift for you.

Lower-level prefectural level gloves.
Thank you, young master Li.
Whatever the orders of young master Li in the future, despite the mountain of daggers and sea of ​​fire, the Feng Xue sect will not hesitate.
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