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Yong Heng Zhi Zun 187 English & Indonesia
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 187 English & Indonesia

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Alright, before Fu Chen had saved the Li family who had been taken prisoner by the strongest sect in the Dong Lin plain, the news quickly spread and caused an uproar across the plains. After seeing the condition of his parents, brothers and family members, Li Fu Chen left again.

Before his departure, Li Fu Chen gave his parents and younger sister several medicinal herbs. The potion helped to break through the next layer of cultivation. The day before his departure, Li Fu Chen met Mu's elders and discussed the next step, where Fu Chen would only rely on his own strength to destroy the Demon's territory. How about Li Fu Chen's next adventure, let's watch together.

Horned devil's domain

These people are too weak. If I can swallow a minimum of 10 cultivators who are in the realm of reincarnation or below, I can definitely break through to the sixth level devil.
One of the ten demon lords
Horned demon king
Boom ~

Huaaaa ~

Huaaaa ~

Damn, who is that?
Li Fu Chen.
Li Fu Chen, what are you doing in my horned demon palace?
Let's talk about that later, fight me.

a little difficult to deal with,

But you can't destroy my defense.
Worthy of being the fifth level demon king.
Bronze sword marrow technique plus Qing Yang sword meaning

Li Fu Chen,
Do you want to provoke a war between the devil's territory and humanity?

Alright, we can now talk about it.
What do you want?
Surrender and then return to where you came from, if not, the next meeting, I will definitely kill you!

God damn it

One of the ten demon lords
Strong demon king
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 187 Bahasa Indonesia

One of the ten demon lords
Devil tiger pattern
Out of human territory, Return to the demon domain.

One of the ten demon lords
King of the Elephants

Grinning ~
It's true that the descendants of the demon king have very terrible powers.
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