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The Song (Man Jiang Hong,Chinese Poems)
God of Martial Arts Chapter 92.2 English

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Pada chapter sebelumnya, Yue Tian Chen dengan bangga dan penuh keyakinan menyakinkan Duan Wu Ya,bahwa dialah orang yang tepat untuk adiknya. Untuk membuktikannya. Yue Tian Chen ikut dalam kompetisi menjadi pengawal pribadi Xin Ye.

Kemampuan dan kekuatan Yue Tian Chen tidak pernah disangka oleh orang lain. Semua terkejut, tapi itu tak terjadi pada Lin Feng. Lin Feng mengatakan kalo Yue Tian Chen hanyalah seonggok kotoran.

Lin Feng membuktikannya dengan tindakan sehingga apa yang diucapkan itu benar adanya. Semua orang pun menyetujui dengan kata-kata Lin Feng. Setelah mereka semua melihat aksi Lin Feng yang luar biasa.
Masih adakah orang yang akan maju untuk menjadi pengawal pribadi Xin Ye? Apakah Lin Feng yang telah menunjukan kekuatan ataukan Yue Tian Chen yang berasal dari kalangan bangsawan yang akan menjadi pengawal pribadi Xin Ye? Mari kita saksikan bersama.

English :
Hi my friend,
How are you today? My friend surely can not wait to read the latest updates from the comic series "God of Martial Arts" for the chapter "God of Martial Arts92.2". If you haven't read the "God of Martial Arts 92.1" chapter below, you can find it on this blog, my friend.

In the previous chapter, Yue Tian Chen proudly and confidently convinced Duan Wu Ya, that he was the right person for his sister. To prove it. Yue Tian Chen entered the competition to become Xin Ye's personal bodyguard.

Yue Tian Chen's abilities and strength were never expected by anyone else. All were shocked, but that did not happen to Lin Feng. Lin Feng said that Yue Tian Chen was just a piece of shit.

Lin Feng proved it by action so that what was said was true. Everyone agreed with Lin Feng's words. After they all saw Lin Feng's extraordinary actions.

Will there still be people who will advance to become Xin Ye's personal bodyguards? Was it Lin Feng who had displayed strength or was Yue Tian Chen who came from a noble class who would be Xin Ye's personal bodyguard? Let's watch together.

Seven times! They both made seven drum beats!
It seemed like Lin Feng's strength wasn't worse than the talented Yue clan's young master.
In addition, Lin Feng had not only broken seven drums of war but he had crushed them to powder
Well. Enough. Stop hitting the drum. We have to start leaving now.
Lin Feng, you are responsible for the protection of the princess.
He had chosen Lin Feng
Lin Feng was more important than the talented Yue Clan young master.
Uncle Duan, although I assigned Lin Feng to protect the princess, the others can also participate.

From now on, of all the army members, only the princess could give orders to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was also the person in charge of the princess's safety.
He can choose to achieve other military achievements based on his own decision. In addition, the entire army must help and assist Lin Feng if he needs it.
His Majesty gave Lin Feng extraordinary privileges.
Duan Wu Ya protected me.
Considering that my enemies are everywhere, Duan Wu Ya is worried they will try to hurt me.
Therefore, he gave me status by making me the princess's personal guard. Besides, he reminded everyone that attacking me was the same as endangering the princess.

Lin Feng, do you hear me.
the security of the princess is in your hands.
Uncle, the troops are now under your control. When you arrive at Duan Ren City, please cooperate with General Liu Cang Lan to fight the enemy. I will wait in the Imperial City for you to return victoriously. See you later.
Your Majesty, I will not spare the effort to defeat Mo Yue and prevent Duan Ren City from being humiliated.
Troops, return to your starting position!
Let's go to the battlefield.

shu ~

Commander Duan Tian Lang has arrived, hurry and open the city gate!
Without orders from the General to us, we will not open the gates.

Liu Cang Lan ... really brave. It seems like he doesn't care about the Imperial City's troops.
Does he think that he has the highest social status in the country or what?
General Liu has such thoughts?
How could it be!
What is impossible, He possessed such strength when he was in the city of Duan Ren.
What Duan Tian Lang said was impossible. He really knows how strong we are, but the fact that his people don't open the gates until he gives them orders proves that he knows what he is doing.
He taught them perfect military discipline.
Besides, why do you say that he thinks his social status is higher than anyone in this country?
What do you think gives you the right to intervene in my conversation?
What do you want to do?

You, Duan Tian Lang, are wrong. At present, I am the princess's personal guard. I will not try to fulfill my duties.
What you just said can have very serious consequences that can trigger a rebellion. If something happens to the princess during such a rebellion, you must take responsibility.
shut up
You have the gift of talking and enjoying blabbering. Don't think that because you are the princess's personal guardian, you can act according to your wishes. The military has rules.
Why don't you keep your mouth shut? I, Lin Feng, came to Duan Ren City to help. I never said that I wanted to give orders to the troops. I did exactly what the second prince asked me to do. I will stay next to the princess and protect her.
What gives you the right to give me orders? I am not your subordinate.
Uncle Duan Tian Lang, what Lin Feng said was true. When the people in Duan Ren City saw a military force that controlled them with an unknown amount of origin, they had to really obey what they had been told and not open the gates. That was why General Liu Cang Lan ordered them not to act without his orders, and the method was correct. What you say is inappropriate.

Princess, Your Majesty, before discussing whether what I said is appropriate or not, given the outrageous words that Lin Feng said, first I want to punish him.
Punish me? What crime did I commit that you want to punish me?
Disobeying military orders can be classified as betrayal and insubordination, which is an act that must be punished.
Betrayal and insubordination?
What do you want to do to me?
I don't want to make the princess lose face so I won't kill you. However, I will make your life like hell and lock you up in prison. Then, I will talk to His Majesty and your fate will be in his hands. "
Ha ha ha!
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