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The Song (Man Jiang Hong,Chinese Poems)
God of Martial Arts Chapter 92.1 English

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Alright, before that, Ba Dao's appearance made everyone both the heavenly academy and Xue Yue's sacred page beats in awe and they all felt inferior to go forward especially for Xue Yue's holy courtyard.

Luo Yu refused to advance because he couldn't possibly win as long as there was Wen Ao Xue. Suddenly, a voice that volunteered would try and think he was the most appropriate to escort Xin Ye.

Yu Tian Chen was very confident in his abilities and Duan Wu Ya did not refuse because this was an open competition. What about Yu Tian Chen's appearance, will Lin Feng go forward or WWen Ao Xue?

Alright, let's see how many war drums you can handle, brother.
To establish a relationship with a princess, no matter whether you are a cultivation genius or if you are born into a noble family, you must stand at the absolute top.
Those who have low social status and terrible power are nobody. When they think that they have a chance to win the princess's heart, people like that can continue to dream,
it is truly the funniest thing in the world.
was he clearly talking about Lin Feng?
Lin Feng is trying to get a relationship with the princess?

Today, I want to sing a song for the princess.
Xue Yue's men and officers, who were numerous and boundless, beat drums and rang gongs.
Nobles and kings wear armor and have inspiring ambitions.
A hot-blooded man ...
Shu ~

surrounded by lakes and mountains ...
Reach ...
a thousand heroic rewards.
Only to be welcomed back as a hero by a beautiful woman.

Yue Tian Chen deserved to be a member of the Yue Clan. His heart was filled with great aspirations.
Relying on one breath, he was able to chant and at the same time make seven drums beat. Such people rarely occur. He will be a suitable match for the princess.
Not bad.
I didn't think that Brother Yue was talented and creative besides. That is indeed, very rare.
I am nobody. Your Majesty, you flatter me.
To be more accurate, you are not even a nobody, you are even inferior, you are a bastard.

That person, how brave!
Alright, if I'm a bastard, do you want to try?

That's what I planned.
I want to see if you can ring seven drums while singing.
In anger looming high, I rested below ...
the sound of rain whistling.

Staring far ahead, looking up at the sky, I gave a long, loud cry. My chest hurts.
Thirty soldiers now united with dust and earth, the moon and the clouds stretched as far as they could see.
The young man's hair turned white, he was filled with sadness.
Humiliation of DuanRen. When officials hate, they destroy.
Behind the armored horses, go to the mountains armed with flowers.
With extraordinary ideals in my mind but hunger fills my stomach, I eat their flesh. To calm my thirst, I drink their blood.

Cleanse from beginning to end, mountains and lakes,
towards ....
Shu ~
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