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Well, in the previous chapter after Li Fu Chen killed Ge Yun's great elder, the patriarch carried out a surprise attack on Li Fu Chen. Fortunately, Fu Chen had found information about the Xuan Qi sect warship, even though Li Fu Chen was unable to evade a full-scale attack. The attack was continued continuously in the direction of Li Fu Chen. But Father's ability was beyond reason of all the Xuang Qi sect including the patriarch. Li Fu Chen suggested giving up instead of something worse. After the Xuan Qi sect declared surrender, Lin Feng went to teach father and all members of the Li family. The woman who once canceled the engagement with Fu Chen felt sorry for her actions. What is the continuation of the story of Li Fu Chen?

As time passed, the actions taken by Fu Chen spread throughout the mainland of Dong Lin.
Domain of stone, Queen Medusa
Blood Devil Domain, Blood Devil King
Devil Domain, Demon King

The blood demon domain, the Ancestor of the Wan xue sect
This child must have found a treasure that is very powerful in the ruins.
But I want to rely on my own strength to fight the ten demon domains and magic forces, idiot dreams.
Luckily, I did not offend this child.
A big surprise occurred in the Alliance of 100 sects.

Fu Chen,
The medicine you give is extraordinary.
In just one month, my mother and I broke through the third layer

Father, that medicinal herb will benefit you, and this is the main menu.
It is a spiritual root medicine and a spiritual star drug that can help promote the three-star bone frame.
Promote a bone frame?

Until now, I still haven't been able to get a better medicinal herb. Maybe in the future, I can have it.
That's too much, we can just break through the layers of three stars, we're satisfied.
Don't you want to break through reincarnation?
Rest assured that this is not a dream, believe me.

I trust you.
The results of the medicinal herbs from Li Fu Chen, the strength of his parents and younger sister, Li Xiaode, increased dramatically,
The remaining medicinal herbs are stored by Li Tianhan, then they will be given to the descendants of the outstanding Li family.

The Cang Lan sect's patriarch, Ouyang Xiangtian, also obtained medicinal herbs, to help break through the third layer of reincarnation.
Young master Li,
Recently, the power of your sun's divine art seems to be stronger. I want to know how the development of your flame bone frame?

More than 40%
It seemed to increase the strength of the flame frame, giving it strength a step further than before.

In areas occupied by demons, humans have become food, and many have become ghost towns and many bones scattered about.
Looks like it's time to brighten the sword again.

Young master Li, what will you do?
Are you only going to depend on your own strength to face the entire demon clan?
I have my own way to overcome it. Elder Mu, wait for good news from me.

This strength, courage like that,
only Li Fu Chen can match the Demon King.
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