Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 185 English

Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 185 English 
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 185 Bahasa Indonesia

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Previously Li Fu Chen who had just returned from another world was very angry when he heard his family was held captive by 2 large sects namely the Lei Shen Sect and the Xuan Qi sect. Unmitigated Li Fu Chen immediately rushed towards Lei Shen Sect and destroyed the sect without exception killing great elder You Lie.

After that Father rushed towards the Xuan Qi sect and killed everyone who prevented him from bringing home all the members of the Li family. No exception, Li Fu Chen, also killed the great elder of the Xuan Qi sect named Qe Yun. The killing of Qe Yun made the patriarch of this sect angry and took out the warship and fired indiscriminately towards Li Fu Chen. Several large explosions were heard when the bullets hit Li Fu Chen. How about Li Fu Chen's condition now, will he survive the salvation of people who are not known or die?

He succeeded in killing the elder of the Xuan Qi sect, go to hell!

Fu Chen!

I was seriously injured when faced with the sudden attack, but fortunately I had obtained information and realized the attack was coming.
Very dangerous,
God damn it

Once again! or do it again!
Xiu Xiu Xiu ~
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 185 Bahasa Indonesia
Let's attack together, I want to see how he avoids it!
Cang Lan sect's million sword technique

Li Fuchen, If you don't surrender yourself, I use a warship to destroy your Li family!
If you dare to kill one member of my Li family, I will slaughter your Xuan Qi sect!

Li Fu Chen, you bastard!

The situation of the sect as a whole is in dangerous condition, we cannot die!

Patriarch, live peacefully in the green hills, there must also be a lot of firewood,
Now he is dead, and I will destroy this whole sect.
Ge Yun planned to seize my treasure, so I killed him, besides that the great elder of the Xuan Qi sect you are also capturing my family, I hope you understand my actions. And now, I want to bring all my Li family members home ...

I don't know how you feel right now.
Li Fu Chen,
Today, aside from shame, my Xuan Qi sect is getting the punishment it deserves.
I hope you do not forget.

Go before I change my mind.
Respect is not a substitute for obedience.

Li Fu Chen,
How arrogant !, First class disciple of Xuang Qi sect
Wang Xing Qi Heng,
One day, I will surpass you and will demand revenge for humiliation today

A few days later.

If I hadn't broken off the engagement before, how beautiful!
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