Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 181 English

Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 181 English
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Chapter 181 Bahasa Indonesia

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Previously Li Fu Chen was very angry with the Lei Shen sect, for treating Li's family, especially his mother by giving inappropriate food. The arrival of Li fu Chen provoked all Lei Shen sect students. And they tried to kill Li Fu Chen. Because the power of Li Fu Chen, whose power was strong and was never expected to be this strong, finally the great elder You Lei intervened and there was a fight between Li Fu Chen and You Lei. How is the fight for Li fu Chen this time?

Boy, you shouldn't have to come to the Lei Shen sect. Here, my strength increased by 30%.

Little bastard, you must be dead.
You Lie,
When I am in the ruins of the Hei Tian sect, I can push you back. Especially now, I can certainly push you back and I might even be able to kill you.


Boooom ~

How could the strength of this child's fist be so strong?
My heart pounded like thunder from the sky grabbing my body

Receive my punch this time.
The fifth thunder secret technique: thunder boxing technique
plus the thunder root bone

As I predicted before, my purification power is only stronger than under normal conditions.

Li Fu Chen, I'm not very happy if you die so fast.
You Li, I will show my true strength.
The sixth star secret technique: the marrow of the bronze sword
Fire bone frame plus the meaning of Qing Yang's sword

This doesn't look good, great elder is defeated!
Patriarch of Lei Shen sect, Situ Shuo
The thunder array technique, Kai!

Give me time to breathe, accept this!
How this child is so strong!

Together! Kill him!
Million Clan Sword Style
Take this!
The sixth star secret technique: the marrow of the bronze sword
plus the secret technique of the fifth star: the technique of a million sect swords.
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