Quick Tips for Writing Blog Articles

Tips Cepat Menulis Artikel Blog dalam 30 menit

Tips Cepat Menulis Artikel Blog

Hi my friend,
It's been a long time since I don't seem to write an article. This time I will try to give a little exposure to how long it will take us to write an article on the blog. Each article has a different time and level of difficulty in making it before it is published on our blog. I certainly never tried to count every time I made an article.

How long we make articles actually depends on the essence and the theme we will make the tagline or title. If we as the author master the theme and all the material that will be needed, we easily assemble words with connecting sentences and if necessary hyperbolic sentences that we sometimes use to complete (depending on the type of article made) and do not overdo it to add this type of sentence .
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Before my friend wrote and to shorten the time in arranging it, according to some sources that I read and personal experience that we need to do is we also need to make a kind of structure in the arrangement or commonly known as the writing framework. Like what takes precedence, climax sentences, and which parts should be able to answer the questions of readers or visitors. After that everything has been made, we just assemble it into a work that we can publish on our blog.

Of course if there is a basic formula or writing framework, the time in producing articles is relatively short and not long-winded. There is also a factor of mood that is no less important to support writing, but if my friend has made a writing framework, at least my friend already has a good mood to start or start writing. My last suggestion, prepare a little snack and music that my friend likes as a companion when my friend writes. Good luck my friend.
dediin2 Saya adalah seorang anak manusia yang berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik untuk diri sendiri, dan keluarga. Berusahalah sebanyak mungkin ketika kamu masih bisa berusaha, jangan pernah menyerah karena kegagalan sekali.

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