Common Beginner Mistakes For Blog Display

Kesalahan Umum Blogger Pemula Mengatur Tampilan Blog

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Hi my friend,
When you see a blog you will find that some of their views are different from those of other blogs, even to the point where they make their blogs look unique so they are easily remembered by readers. Website structure and blog navigation settings are important, in addition to being an important recommendation for SEO, a neat and systematic website structure also makes visitors feel at home and comfortable in enjoying any information we submit through writing.

Beginner Blogger Mistakes

When I first started a blog that only I knew of, I only wrote an article of at least 300 words and made a title without knowing that there were some very decisive parts that had clearly been provided on the dashboard but we didn't fill it out. Here are some beginner blogger mistakes regarding website navigation:

1. Category or Label

The point is in addition to posting and the title must be left blank, or as long as it fills in without knowing what's the point, like I was at the beginning heheheheh. Even though the category or label is important, for example you want to make a post about beginner Blogger Tips, while the article you have made is tens to hundreds, it will be difficult for us to find the title of the article, you can make it rather neat and easy to find, by means of like this :

If you have done this it will make it easier for us to access these articles.

2. Widget in the Sidebar

Do not have too many widgets in the sidebar, just make the sidebar easier for users to access other pages on your blog. Do not place too many widgets that are not so important because it will burden the reader when accessing your website and your website will be seen full of widgets.

3. Header

This part is likened to our front yard, when someone passes by and sees our front yard neat and pleasing to the eye then he will smile and pay more attention to our house. This is almost the same as a blog. If our blog has an interesting header, simple and not confusing, it will definitely be easy to attract readers.

4. Footer

Almost the same as the Header only, this section is more to present about the profile of the blogger owner, how users contact and various other info about our blog and us as the owner. Maybe not very important but if you want to register adsense points here will determine whether you are accepted or not. Make it as simple and attractive as possible.


Those are some of the mistakes I have experienced when I was still in the navigation arrangements until finally I found the navigation and structure of the website that I think is in accordance with my wishes. If there are deficiencies and errors or if you think there is something missing, please give your opinion in the comments column below. Cheer up, my friend.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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