How to Overcome Blogs with Few Visitors

How to Overcome Blogs with Few Visitors

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Hi my friend,
How is your blog busy, or still lonely. Maybe it can not be denied the traffic to our blog visitors is one part that we can not just ignore. The appearance and uniqueness of a blog is very important, but if there are no visitors how can our blog reach the highest value of the website if there are no readers at all.

Maybe the best way for now is that you continue to update your original blog article. Some time ago I have read there is a blog that already has many articles if I'm not mistaken it's as many as 950 articles but visitors are not as expected. Then I tried to use one of the online applications on Google to check its visitors every day. As a result, you know, my friend, in one day, there is only one visitor on average. You can imagine with that many articles but the number of visitors is very small.
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Besides diligently updating your blog, maybe a few tricks and tutorials below can help you, among them :
  • Never write a short article, Google will never make it on the first page of the search.
  • If you give the article title, use keywords that are not far from the questions that appear on the Google search page. if you have extra money you can use paid sites to get the best keywords.
  • Use H2 (Sub heading) and H3 (Minor heading), if using Wordpress, you can use yoast plugins. This works to make it easier for Google to index articles and make it easier for visitors when reading your articles.
  • Create a Sitemap, then register your blog with Google Search Console / Webmaster.
  • For backlinks or promotions, you can use blogwalking, social media, and so on. But remember that smart promotions don't spam.


Maybe the tips and tutorials above are able to help a little in improving your blog, my friend. Cheer up, my friend.
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