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Hi my friend,
This time I will explain about the template or theme that we use. Do you need premium template or not? if we say no, even though we need to, if we say it's necessary, if it is for the masters it might not be necessary either. But I can assure you to novice bloggers and maybe some experienced bloggers with templates or premium themes are very necessary. because it has an influence on our blog compared to free themes, and most premium themes are ready to use and have a better appearance than free themes. Just how we are smart to choose a theme that suits our tastes. Our good themes usually meet the following elements:

The Best blog templates

To support your blog in terms of adsense and facilitate navigation, there are some things that are categorized as a good blog template :
  1. Responsive, making the appearance of our blog can be in accordance with the screen resolution of HP, iPad, Laptop. etc.
  2. Mobile Friendly, making our blog display friendly if opened via mobile / cellphone. Similar to responsive, this is only mobile.
  3. SEO friendly, making blogs quickly indexed because they are easily crawled by Google's crawler robot.
  4. High CTR,, the ratio of ad clicks on our blog increases.
  5. A good blog display, easily accessible, and clear navigation

As for the free themes, you have to work more on optimizing yourself from the start, either to increase speed or enhance the look of the blog. Some of the benefits that we will get when we use premium tempalate instead of regular tempalate, including:

Benefits of Premium Themes 

Has more features than the free. Premium templates have a variety of features that free templates don't have, premium template features provided will also differ from one another depending on the template creator. The most important thing you should know is the price, depending on the price offered to consumers, usually expensive templates have more complete features than cheap ones.

Can get free updates for a certain period of time or for life. Free templates are generally very often just abandoned by the developers, this is often detrimental to us because it can be a template that is not updated frequently will bring up a bug that can harm our website so it is vulnerable to be disturbed by hackers.
Get full support, with premium templates we get free support for a certain period of time it will usually be explained when you will buy it. This will help us if we have problems or want to customize something and ask the template developer for help. my advice for this is to understand carefully, the purchase agreement, don't be sorry until the end. Because of the misstep of support in the sense that the consultation time provided will be lost or charred like me.


That's a little bit of my story why I prefer using premium templates, besides I don't understand the programming language well, I also see many advantages of using premium templates. Cheer up, my friend.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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