The Paradox in Life

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Is everything's life full of paradoxes. I will take a few examples, the first example I will take from one of the reality shows that used to be a dream program for TV viewers where they have to choose one of several prizes offered where the prize is hidden and one or two offered prizes contain "zonk". After you choose the master of ceremonies will open one of the boxes or curtains and what appears is "zonk", then the host will offer the participant again if he wants to move to another box or curtain.

This is where our mind will play, surely the participant makes several premises to decide which one he trusts the most. one that I can predict the premise is that the offer offered contains "zonk". Then the participant decides to stick to his choice. And when it opened it turned out that what he chose was "zonk". Maybe the participant was sorry about his choice but the rice had become porridge. Maybe if he chose a different choice maybe he would increase his chances of winning the prize.

Well, the second example is when you buy a smartphone that you might say you want the most with very high features and specifications. for example here I will take the example of a smartphone screen that is scratch resistant and full HD. But the habit of people who buy smartphoen will add scratch to scratch because of fear. And if we look at the smartphone technology that we buy is already scratch resistant but why do we still add scratch resistant technology whose quality is lower than the smartphone crystal screen technology that we bought. The screen is already equipped with very high technology which is degraded by the sticking of scratch-resistant plastic and actually makes us unable to fully enjoy the quality offered by the smartphone that we buy.

It is also unavoidable in your love life, in the lives of two people who are still unmarried, the dating cycle is one way to test compatibility. Should be the longer the person dating, should be more suitable, mature and afternoon to get married but the reality is not always the case. unique in the life of love is only dating a few months, they decided to get married and separated only because of death.

Some series of words that we often hear and many people question the truth about it as follows:
  1. The more economical, the poorer. The more extravagant, the richer.
  2. The more hard work, the less results. The less work, the more results.
  3. The more pursued, the more run. The more indifferent, the more sought after.
  4. The more searched, the more lost. Not sought, instead came.

Surely when you read this and remember it, and if it happens you will definitely think it is strange, absurd, out of logic and that is a part of our lives that is a mystery. Life is not limited to logic, limited to thought where the more you think, the weirder.

Maybe if the more accepted, the more BEAUTIFUL. Logic is only a mere mechanism, a beauty lies in ignorance, not knowledge. Search, not certainty. Discovery, not repetition. Our lives will continue to develop, dare to open the mind to accept the paradox and strangeness of life as beauty, not narrowed down by the mind. All is not about achievement, but about the running process.


Walk with a life full of beautiful mysteries. Think big and dream big.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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