Frequently Encountered Problems Beginner Blogger

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I am not a professional Blogger or blogger who already has many hours to fly but only a beginner blogger who wants to share as little experience as he did when creating a blog.

Frequently Encountered Problems Beginner Blogger

I do not dismiss every blogger has their respective problems according to their understanding before creating a blog. Then I summarize some things that are often experienced by beginner Bloggers including me until now. Some things include:

1. Confused platform determination,
Bloggers usually beginners will be preoccupied with choosing and asking around to various people and close friends to give opinions about what platform is suitable for him to Blog. Instead of multiplying content, more time is spent discussing and debating about this. It's better to adjust to the hobbies that you enjoy doing.

2. Blog appearance itself,
I also experienced this for two months and finally bought a premium template (Later I will explain in the next article about the positives and negatives of premium templates) where I prioritize the content to the end, it can't update the content.

3. Consistency and Passion
This problem is sometimes that seeting both beginner bloggers may also reach the master bloggers namely lack of consistency and loss of passion to produce content, usually people will be eager to make a lot of content in the beginning but will not last as long as we have a motorbike or a new car dirty little washing but if it's been a long time, yeah you know it yourself, hahhaha.

4. Thinking too fast to monetize a blog,
this is indeed a crucial problem because this will be related to our goal to create a blog or a website. No doubt being accepted by monetization and getting money is one of the best triggers for more enthusiasm but it would be better if you just think of the money you get from Blog results as a bonus, so you won't be burdened.

5. Don't focus on one or two themes,
usually beginners want to write everything in one Blog (usually known as the Gado-Gado Blog), but often the theme of a blog is important for readers to classify whether the blog is included in their reading interest or not. A blog that has a Gado-Gadoj type type if you can't set it properly regarding placement, categorization and tagging correctly can make your blog more messy.

6. Creating mock content from other people's blogs,
beginners often do not realize that originality is important to maintain the quality of the Blog.

7. Not capable of blog optimization
Lack of understanding how to use various tools to monitor conditions and optimize the Blog. And maybe there are many other things that you might add to the comments column so that we can all learn together.


Being a professional blogger is not easy, it takes a lot of time and experience, nothing is easy at the beginning, all knowledge is not instant, it needs a learning process. To overcome the problem above it takes a long time but there are some tips that you might be able to do that is you have to do a blog optimization to be able to reach the first page but not heed your writing must be interesting and creative; Must be focused, serious and consistent in the blog world; You can also establish relationships with other bloggers, and don't forget to reply to every comment that exists if you have time, do promotions everywhere, but don't even spam once in a while. Maybe this is a little experience though I made my blog, look forward to my other experiences. Cheer up, my friend.
dediin2 Saya adalah seorang anak manusia yang berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik untuk diri sendiri, dan keluarga. Berusahalah sebanyak mungkin ketika kamu masih bisa berusaha, jangan pernah menyerah karena kegagalan sekali.

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