Best Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Tips Menulis Blog
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When talking about how to write a blog the first thing we have to do is determine who our target readers are, for example, parents, young people and even children, and also we also have to broaden the scope of our readers, the intention is whether the blog is regional (your writing is written in regional languages, for example Indonesian means your writing will be enjoyed by people who understand Indonesian) or international (the writing uses international languages ​​such as English).

Best Tips for Beginner Bloggers

I have not found a definite rule about this because every blog that presents articles about this they presents tips and tutorials that are different from each other, but what they present can be your reference on how to write well and correctly according to your own version. And after reading a number of articles about the problem of writing a blog, I can conclude in writing a blog article we must pay attention to some important parts including:

1. Keyword research

The first thing that needs to be done before writing a blog is keyword research. If you write with the aim of getting more clicks, then you have to do this. Keywords are words that determine the search for people when they want to find something in the search engine. For example, you want to find ways to diet that can lose weight in a month. You will write on Google like this, "How to diet successfully in a month". Determining keywords is the most basic trick for optimizing your blog. If you want your article to occupy the first page of Google, keywords are an indispensable component.

How to determine the right keywords is to examine the word ideas that might be sought by users. For example, the theme of your blog is health. Imagine what will make people click on your blog. What kind of information they want to read. Another way is to use tools. There are several keyword research tools that are currently busy.

2. Research the content

Next is research the contents of your blog. When writing articles with general discussion, you might be able to log it yourself. However, if you take a deep theme, content research should not be underestimated. There must be many research sources. Ranging from news, books, to journals. For topics that require reinforcement of theory / facts, content research is the best way to keep your blog content valid. Remember, do not write a blog with the sole purpose of money. Also think about whether the reader is educated with your content.

3. Research traffic

It is important to know the motives of visitors clicking on your blog. The goal is to find out what they really want when visiting a blog. This research, in the end, will make it easier for you to find the most profitable keywords. The easiest way to research traffic is to survey. There are many survey tools that can be utilized now, such as Google Form, Survey Monkey, and so on.


So these three studies illustrate a cycle like this: keywords - content - visitors - return to keywords. The most important thing of all is to make your blog unique so people when opening your blog feel also entertained because of the unique writing style, indeed to make uniqueness not as easy as turning your hand but all of that you can start from the beginning for example the easiest example is you use said me or bro even mamen. Cheer up for creative, useful and unique articles, my friend.
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