Tips for Creating Creative and Quality Blog Content

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Blogs are one of the most popular social media in the world. Most of Google's content is filled with blogs, maybe one of them is you already have a blog or maybe you might later contribute to Google content, right? Blogs have now become a lifestyle platform for many people, in addition to us conveying aspirations, stories and expressions in written form which if you are lucky you will also get money from a blog that is in collaboration with Google Adsense, it can even become a very appropriate medium for campaign for a social movement that you manage or participate in, community, educational information and much more.

Creating Creative and Quality Blog Content

Blogs began to be introduced in Indonesia by Enda Nasution, also known as Bapak Blogger Indonesia, the nickname was not without reason because Enda was listed as the first blogger in Indonesia and introduced the blog to the Indonesian people through an article titled "What is a Blog" in 2001, if at me remember, in 2001 I was in middle school. With the rapid development of blogs and we can enjoy so many blogs with various kinds of content on the internet, automatically competition for a blog to be able to attract the attention of virtual audiences becomes more stringent. If that happens, will we surrender? This time I will share a little input for those of you who want to start a blog, you will be able to determine and make your blog able to compete, here are some suggestions that might be useful:

1. Make a blog first with a view that is easy to see, read and not too many widgets (for that widget what I will explain later), actually when you create a blog, bloggers already offer several themes that are good enough you just choose which theme or template that you like.

2. Do not use fonts that are not pleasing to the eye. Try the background color of the blog is a neutral color that is not flashy so as to make our eyes do not hurt like choosing white or gray.

3. When you write, make your writing unique and different from the writings on other blogs. Don't force it to imitate other people's styles, because each person's writing actually has its own uniqueness.

4. Write in simple language and not complicated or difficult to understand and make short paragraphs for a minimum of writing in a blog is 300 words.

5. Add images related to the writing that you will post posted.

6. What is rather difficult in this section: make an interesting title, an ordinary content you will become interesting content if you are able to present a title that invites people in the sense of information seekers on the internet to read your writing.

7. Determine the theme of your blog and which market you want to reach. It means whoever you want to be interested in reading your writing, for example in the field of education, means that the market that you want to master is almost a lot among educators and students.

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You are still confused about where to start when you created a blog. No need to worry because the most important thing is you want to try it first, and multiply search for references from other sources, from asking bloggers to join you in the blogger community and information from internet sites that are now very easy to get.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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