Computers, Raft Own or Buy It So

Rakit Komputer Sendiri atau Beli Jadi
A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data both to store, retrieve, and process data. Talking about buying a computer for computer enthusiasts will depend on your needs, experience, whether you want it practical or not and the most important thing is funding. Even so all questions will turn to you. It all depends on how far you want to be complicated.
If you buy it, you only need to think about the type of processor, capacity of RAM and hard disk, and the type of graphics card without the need to choose from so many brands and specifications. At most, it's just a bit complicated if the operating system has to be installed by yourself, you can use the videos that are freely available on YouTube for this problem. Meanwhile, if you want the raft itself is actually not very complicated. All you have to do is fix the funds, then just look at the list of assemblies that people have made in computer forums. After selecting, you just order from your favorite computer store, and just assemble. Assembling it is also easy, because the shape of the plugs for each component is different, so it won't be mistaken. Which is better if you really can assemble? Much better to raft yourself.

Difference between PC assembly and Buy

Here are some of the differentiators to build your own computer by buying finished:
1. Buy a computer:
  • The computer came, turned it on, used it until it was slow and not strong enough anymore.
  • If it is damaged, take it to the shop for repair.
  • Not dizzy.
  • Difficult to upgrade. Branded computers such as Acer, HP, Lenovo etc. usually have non-standard designs and specifications, so if for example the power supply is damaged, it cannot be replaced with a power supply from a normal computer.
  • Resale prices are low.
2. Self-assembling:
  • Must choose from so many brands, types, frequencies, capacities, and so on.
  • Must wait for the components to come one by one.
  • Must think about the layout of components and cables.
  • The operating system, drivers, and other software must be installed by themselves.
  • If there are problems, you should find out where the problem is. Each component must be tested one at a time. Sometimes another computer is needed to help with the test.
  • Yummy, after meeting the problem where, overcoming it becomes easy, no need to spend a lot of money.
  • Upgrading the components is easy, because everything is standard.


If you want an instant computer and a factory assembly, of course it would be better if we bought the finished one, but if we wanted the truly custom and more free to choose specifications, it's good to assemble yourself, but the consequence of assembling it yourself is that it takes more time to choose and collect components that we will assemble. Of course it's back to you, because every decision there must be advantages and disadvantages of each.
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