Comfort to A Struggle

Dari Nyaman ke Sebuah Perjuangan

Humans on earth must have felt the bitter and sweet life. No one is able to dodge it be it rich, poor, old, young, male or female. The wheel of life will forever spin sometimes we are above sometimes we are below. In the process of life to change something we do not want to be what we want is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Likewise, a father of two children named Krisgiantoro experienced. Starting from a young man who graduated from one of the State High Schools in Grobogan Regency, Central Java Province. The story of his life's struggle began, after graduating from school he joined odd jobs that were important to help the family's economy. After some time he worked in one of the car or motorcycle paint. After nearly 2 years of work, the figure of a father of two humorous, loyal friends decided to register at a palm oil farm in Kalimantan.

Indeed his fortune, finally he was accepted to work in the company. After marriage he brought his small family to live in Kalimantan. Differences in culture, customs, and manners with the origin area in Central Java, do not require a long time to adapt to the environment because he is outgoing. Hard work will not lie to the end result he was appointed as a permanent employee and after a few years appointed as an Observer. Life away from big families, both men and women, makes it necessary to rack my brain to go home because the distance and costs required are quite large. The cost of living is getting bigger plus the addition of two cute children who must be sufficient to make it more solidify his thinking. After a while an idea for entrepreneurship emerged but at that time it was still vaguely added to get extra money rather difficult at that time with the capabilities he had. After thinking for 2 years and being inspired by one of his friends who was also successful in the field of cellphone service called Buana Arif Fitrianto, Krisgiyantoro finally decided to study at one of the institutions in Bandung, West Java.

Although having to pay a large fee for the course not to mention the cost of living for his family during the course, great support from his wife adds confidence and establish themselves to step toward dreams. After completing the course, with capital and some equipment that he got, Krisgiyantoro returned to Kalimantan to open a business there which was made a side business because he was still listed as working at one of the companies there. From his colleague's cellphone service, then the quality of his service became famous and flooded the list that had to be serviced. After they felt that their capital was sufficient, Krisgiyantoro finally decided to quit his main job and decided to be fully entrepreneurial in his hometown.

Like opening a forest, that's what this father of two children did who won the best employee in his company first for 4 years in a row. Opening a mobile and vape service business in addition to a simple room located at Jalan Bhayangkara number 5, Purwodadi, Grobogan Regency, Central Java, the father of two children is trying to compete healthily with other service locations. By not using color blindness, bending and accuracy in order to be able to analyze the problem of mobile phones, as well as offering consumers to see first hand the process of their mobile service, making the service area different from the others. He saw the prospect of cell phone service will always survive along with the rapid development of science and technology. Just come to the location, feel the atmosphere of service and the best service from Krisgiantoro. Good luck friends, and blessings for families and many people

He advised those of you who already had the intention but did not dare to go as follows

"We must be sure first, fortune problems are already set, and most importantly want to try, learn and do not forget to pray" Quote by Krisgiantoro

"Learn to gain experience, stack experiences to achieve success" Quote by dedi in2

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Mobile Service Place Address: Jalan bhayangkara number 5, Purwodadi, Grobogan district, Central Java.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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