Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans

Kecerdasan Buatan vs Manusia
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Technological developments created by humans are increasingly sophisticated and in recent years many competing technology companies have made artificial intelligence. You must be familiar with the word artificial spicy. Who is the creator of artificial intelligence, surely you are a human being. It is certain that humans who create artificial intelligence are not human beings but extraordinary, because in creating it they have to do in-depth research and perhaps millions of studies to reach conclusions as to what artificial intelligence is. Artificial intelligence is intelligence that is added to a system that can be arranged in a scientific context or can be called artificial intelligence (English: Artificial Intelligence) or simply abbreviated AI, defined as intelligence of scientific entities (source: wikipedia)

The price the creators of artificial intelligence must pay is not cheap, they sacrifice a lot of whatever they have for this project. Artificial intelligence is often tested in various cases, and in artificial intelligence it is almost like the human brain that is able to learn from what it learns. For example, an example of artificial intelligence against humans in terms of chess. It is possible for some matches they will lose, but from the defeat it is learned by artificial intelligence for the next match and most likely after a few times the human might not be able to defeat it and maybe it will not take long. How can be like that? Because artificial intelligence is able to practice a variety of methods or tricks in one process, not just one or 10 tricks but even millions of tricks in one game. Surely you will say Woow, if not yes maybe you are smarter than artificial intelligence hehhehe.

Artificial intelligence has replaced many of the roles of humans, especially the industrial sector, you can see both on tv and other social media, the role of humans has been replaced almost above 50%, for example car assembly companies. In the community the easiest thing is when you shop online. when you type in keywords are items recommended for you done by humans? how many or thousands of humans have been replaced by their own artificial intelligence? Will humans be unable to compete with artificial intelligence that is a thousand times even millions of times smarter than humans themselves?

Humans also work together with artificial intelligence for things that are impossible for humans to reach, such as finding a disease that is infected by humans and even drugs that can be used to prevent and treat the disease. Artificial intelligence and human intelligence is essentially a gift, which way both intelligence ends depends on how we use it. Be wise in all matters both about yourself and the technology you use.
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