Sweet and Sour A Translator

Sweet and Sour A Translator

Hi friends Komnia,
A journey to pleasure is not instant, all that requires struggle, How are you, the subscriber channel dedi in2, wherever you are? Hopefully everything is fine. This blog is the official blog channel of Dedi in2 if anything else means it's fake or maybe 'KW' level 3 hehehehe😅😆😆. For the first time posting, I just want to share my experience about "The story of the dedi in2 channel journey". If you are ready to read my story, prepare snacks, drinks and a list of music that you will play ... it will be long, just take the point anyway, so, just relax.

YouTube's Long Journey to Blogger

If it's not wrong around September 2017, I watched a video on YouTube, if I'm not mistaken about the success story of YouTuber and Duck Farmer. In the video he tells about himself as a village duck breeder and a YouTuber who can be said to have passed monetization and has already earned money (my desire once). Finally, my desire to become a YouTuber with the thought "he can do it, cook me can't".

Jeng ... Jeng ... after searching for knowledge here and there from YouTube and the website, I try to move my PC mouse to login on YouTube. The feeling at that time was very good, bro, like I just won the lottery, even though I just logged in but finally got dizzy and in my mind I asked "What do you want to upload, Bro?". I couldn't answer that question until I got home and was stuck in traffic. You all know what my first video was!

Already uploaded, 4 hours later. How come those who watch "0" in their calm minds of success need a struggle, and the next day until the table opens on a pc and you know what, what is watching is still "0" (really cool). After that I uploaded a few compilation videos, Jeng ... Jeng ... Jreeenngggg of the 5 videos that I uploaded, the number of people watching was only 30, a bit happy but frowned, but it means that the new one is only 14 because all 16 viewers are my brothers all ( Glodakkkk🙈🙈🙊🙊).

Let's skip it, bro, it's still long if I critain again. After the View is quite a lot and subcribe is still around 50s (there is KKN here, bro), I wonder why I don't try uploading comics, because when I go home or go to work I often read comics. Trag..tag..tag, unexpectedly, the view has risen sharply, which is usually the most videos that watch only 30 views (at most / most views of the cool language), now the view has broken 1000 and some even up to 2000s, that's You feel like watermelon collapses, bro (because if the durian collapses, it hurts, bro, and the hospital will definitely end up if the watermelon is still better dizzy and I'm happy watermelon💤).

Back to the story, skip it again bro, I'm happy to upload comics accompanied by music in the background, so I started "dating with copyright sama". Almost all videos are subject to copyright music, bro, I have a headache that has been banned by several countries and even the whole world (Et ... well, there are more than one world). Then I learned one by one the problem and almost didn't upload it again, bro, then while studying I found a website that accidentally uploaded a comic that I liked and suddenly the website didn't upload anymore, then from there I thought of looking for the source, eh it turns out still in Raw version (Original language version that I have never met to read), although there are also many chapters that are still raw, but if I don't understand just lie just look at the picture but don't understand the contents.

From that thought, I started translating the comic until now. It's not easy to translate a chapter with many obstacles, both in terms of English that I am not reliable in terms of writing and speaking or in terms of understanding RAW language that is not easy, errors often occur and scorn makes me able to survive until now. I am still struggling to survive and have a lowly translate that wants the channel to pass the monetization process and make you able to say "Wow, how cool, damn, thank you, etc." when you read the comics that I translate and you pour them in the form of text in the comments column of each chapter it makes me feel happy ..

The time passed faster, the youtube chapter also changed because of copyright issues, finally with all the consideration and support of you guys, I decided to create a blog that I called dediin2.com. And that's until now, the blog continues to exist and always accompany you loyal readers.


Nothing is easy success, all the same in the eyes of success, all must try from the bottom. Error and reprimand is our learning to be better. Greetings, friend Komnia.
dediin2 I am a human child who strives to be better for myself and my family. Try as much as possible when you can still try, never give up because of a failure.

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  2. Yang semangat ya bang, saya akan selalu support abang di blog ini maupun di YouTube channel abang 😀

  3. Translate manga atau manhwa dong mas. Banyak yang bagus juga loh .. Semangat terus mas ded! Sukses terus di darat, laut dan udara!

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